Artificial trees

Whether you want to create a jungle outdoors or indoors, our wide range of artificial trees has been crafted to perfectly mimic nature – even up-close. Choose from flowering and fruit trees, bamboos, palms, exotics (to name a few), then create exactly the look you want instantly and easily.

Artificial trees collection by Blooming Artificial
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Artificial outdoor areca palm 140cm
Areca palm
£59.50 - £160.00
90cm - 3ft artificial bay tree from Blooming Artificial
Bay laurel tree
£58.00 - £125.00
Artificial outdoor bamboo plant - oriental style by Blooming Artificial
Oriental bamboo
£55.00 - £96.00
Artificial paradise palm 125cm
Paradise palm
£30.00 - £140.00
Artificial cedar spiral 150cm 5ft isolated
Cedar spiral
£68.00 - £199.00
Artificial green ficus tree 120cm
Ficus tree
£38.00 - £70.00
Artificial boxwood spiral 90cm
Boxwood spiral
£70.00 - £165.00
Artificial natural bamboo 120 cm
Natural bamboo
£48.00 - £80.00
Artificial conifer tree 120cm
Conifer tree
£45.00 - £125.00
Artificial blackstem bamboo in a black pot
Black stem bamboo
£52.00 - £64.00
Artificial fiddle leaf fig 90cm
Ficus lyrata tree
£45.00 - £195.00
Artificial boxwood tower 90cm
Boxwood tower
£56.00 - £125.00
Artificial bay cone
Bay cone
Artificial rubber tree 105cm
Rubber tree
£54.00 - £85.00
Artificial wisteria tree purple 120cm
Wisteria tree
£36.40 - £86.10 £52.00 - £123.00
Artificial olive ball tree
Olive ball tree
£32.00 - £50.00
Artificial musa banana trees next to wooden table

Large artificial plants

Bold statement plants are big this year! Go for large artificial plants like our musa banana tree, kentia palm and more.

Shop large artificial plants

Everything you need to know

Have you ever bought a stunning palm, only for it to turn brown and die a short while later? Are you fed up with watering, or you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for a tree to grow only for it to end up looking miserable? We’ve been there too!

Incredible realism, zero allergies or maintenance, and no waiting for your tree to grow are just a few of the perks of choosing faux trees. Our range will transform your space at the drop of a hat! 🎩

Choose from indoor trees like tropical palms, traditional ficus and incredibly realistic bamboo.

Our outdoor selection is designed to withstand the elements, so they’re more durable and UV stable. These include the oh so stylish bay laurel tree, evergreen conifer tree and the popular cedar spiral.

If you're after something really striking, visit our collection of large artificial plants including towering palm trees, big tropical greenery and more!

Yes and no... it varies from tree to tree. The best place to look is on each product page. Next to each faux’s name, there’ll be an icon that tells you either way.

Those that can are specifically designed to be used outdoors. They’re more durable and the foliage has additional ingredients to help it stay green even when under the sun's harsh UV rays.

Faux trees are crafted using a range of materials - and they vary from tree to tree. We tend to choose the ones that strike the best balance between realism and durability, which normally means polyethylene foliage, internal wires and, the cherry on the top; rustic natural wood stems. 😍

We think so, and so do literally thousands of our customers. We spend a long time checking samples, comparing every little detail against their natural siblings and tweaking the features and materials to achieve the most realistic fauxs possible.

If you need further reassurance, just take a look at the customer reviews and images on each product page.

Potting up your artificial tree is a great way to introduce it to its new home. Not only will it help your tree blend into its new surroundings, but it’ll help it to keep it stable. We have a range of planters from Dutch brand Elho that are suitable for indoor and outdoor trees.

Potting your artificial tree is pretty simple. Prefill the new planter a little bit, pop your new artificial tree in, and fill around the starter pot with earth or sand. Then top off with decorative stones.

Most of our faux trees will need a little sprucing up when they arrive. They’ll usually arrive looking a little bunched together from being packed in transit, but it only takes a few moments until they’re looking just like the real thing!

To arrange your artificial tree, start bending out the stems and leaves until you’re happy with the look, you can be pretty firm with them. Straighten out the leaves and enjoy your new fuss-free faux tree! For more info, read our guide to arranging artificial plants.

Artificial trees are pretty much zero maintenance. They’re not needy like their natural siblings and once in your home or garden, can be largely left to take care of themselves.

For indoor trees, the only thing we recommend is an occasional dust. For outdoor trees, dust isn’t much of an issue because of the wind. We do however recommend staining the base of wood stemmed trees annually to maximise the lifespan.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

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