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Our faux cactus and succulent plants are always popular when you want to update your space with a little zero-maintenance greenery. Best of all, even up close, no one will ever know they aren’t the real thing...

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Everything you need to know

Cactus and succulent plants are super stylish and often pretty low maintenance house plants. But sadly people usually overwater them or keep them in the wrong environment which tends to lead to an early demise 😔.

Our cute artificial cactus and succulents are the easiest way to get the look without the hassle of maintaining them. They’re particularly useful in busy offices where you don’t want the hassle of real plants or for people, who just like us, simply don’t have a knack for keeping houseplants.

We have a wide selection of faux cacti and succulents including our funky saguaro cactus which is what likely comes to mind when you imagine a traditional desert scene and our sansevieria which is a true to life faux of the more commonly known mother-in-laws tongue.

Our range of artificial cactus and succulents are made using strong polyethylene plastic. We always double-check the size, shape, colour and foliage against each one's natural counterpart, plus each material has its own special purpose in helping your faux plant look real. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Low maintenance

You might not think it, but cacti and succulents are harder to take care of than you think! It’s usually a case of overwatering, underwatering, or leaving them in direct sunlight for too long that all lead to an early death!

When most of us think of cacti, we imagine them thriving in scorching hot deserts so we naturally try to give them the same heat and light conditions. But, cacti are home to a range of climates. Chances are that you might not be aware of where your real one comes from, which could end up in a badly sunburnt cactus 😨.

It’s a similar situation with succulents. They can also get sunburnt, but their biggest issue is watering and light. When succulents are grown indoors, they usually struggle to get enough light and the right amount of water, which is usually the quickest way to kill them.


When you compare the cost of real plants vs artificial plants, faux is usually higher at first, but when you look at the cost over a longer period of time, artificial plants actually end up being much more affordable. This is mainly because there’s no need to water them or repot them...ever!

We recommend re-potting all of our artificial cacti and succulents into new, more attractive pots to really help them blend into your home. We have a handy guide on hand to help you with this, check it out here.

As for our range of succulents, depending on whether or not your faux is a hanging plant, you may wish to do the same and spruce it up with a new planter.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.