Outlet: discounted faux plants

Our outlet offers big discounts on slightly damaged stock. These not quite perfect faux plants and trees still have so much to give. Pick one up today, carry out a quick repair job, and bring your space to life with green style. 🍃

Outlet - discounted artificial plants
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Missing bark
No pot - on spike
Smashed pot
Cracked pot
0cm - 100cm
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Artificial outdoor areca palm 140cm
Areca palm (damaged pot)
£61.44 - £153.60 £76.80 - £192.00
Artificial paradise palm 160cm
Paradise palm (damaged pot)
£33.60 - £134.40 £42.00 - £168.00
Bay tree (damaged stem)
£67.20 - £91.20 £84.00 - £114.00
Artificial green ficus tree 180cm
Ficus tree (damaged pot)
£37.44 - £67.20 £46.80 - £84.00
90cm - 3ft artificial bay tree from Blooming Artificial
Bay laurel tree (damaged pot)
£52.80 - £120.00 £66.00 - £150.00
Cedar spiral (on spike)
£52.56 - £151.20 £87.60 - £252.00
4ft artificial oriental bamboo tree
Oriental bamboo (damaged pot)
£57.60 - £92.16 £72.00 - £115.20
Artificial boxwood spiral 90cm
Boxwood spiral (on spike)
£50.40 - £129.60 £84.00 - £216.00
Artificial areca palm 120cm
Areca palm (damaged frond)
£61.44 - £153.60 £76.80 - £192.00
Cedar spiral (smashed pot)
£176.40 £252.00
Bay tree (missing bark)
£67.20 £84.00

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We have even more slightly damaged, not quite perfect or rejected stock on our eBay store.

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Everything you need to know

The Outlet is where we list products that cannot go back into stock. This includes damaged returns and items that haven’t arrived in tip top condition.

Just because they’re here, it doesn’t mean they should be consigned to the bin. Definitely not! The most common defect is the starter pot is chipped, cracked or completely broken. This is an easy thing to fix – and re-potting your plant is something we recommend for all our products anyway.

Other issues include minor defects to stems, too much character (like kinks in stems) or a missing leaf or foliage. These issues can either be lived with or hidden away fairly easily.

So grab a bargain and give these plants and trees the opportunity to fulfil their purpose… transforming your space into a green, happy and stylish place.

Absolutely. To manage listings we show indicative images showing items that had issues similar to the stock we have available. If you want to see actual images or video of our outlet items give us a ring on 0800 9777 589.

Yes. Our Outlet items are stored next to our main warehouse, so we can combine the items in one order. Just add everything to your basket and checkout as normal.

Yes, you can return Outlet items. Please be aware that you would be responsible for the cost of returning the items to us unless the item is damaged.

Due to the nature of Outlet goods, the damage must be beyond the image and description outlined on each product page.

If you are in any doubt, please speak to us before purchasing an Outlet item.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

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