Artificial bamboo trees

Perfect for screening and styling your home, we have a whole range of faux bamboo to turn any space into a zen oasis. Our range of fake bamboo looks completely natural but unlike the real thing, it doesn’t need any hassle. Simply pop it in your space, sit back and enjoy!

If bamboo isn't quite your style, we have a range of other realistic artificial trees to choose from, including olive trees and palm trees.

Artificial bamboo trees
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Artificial 150cm oriental bamboo tree
Oriental bamboo
£60.00 - £98.95
150cm artificial natural bamboo tree
Natural bamboo
£49.96 - £78.95
Artificial 180cm black stem bamboo tree
Black stem bamboo
£45.95 - £57.95
Faux 150cm oriental bamboo screening
Oriental bamboo screening
£217.80 - £240.30 £242.00 - £267.00
Artificial green stem bamboo screening planters
Green stem bamboo screening
£395.93 £439.92
Artificial lemon bush on window sill near book shelf

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Everything you need to know

Forget watering, feeding, repotting, cutting, pruning... the list goes on! Choosing an artificial bamboo plant is the simple way to have a fabulous oriental style plant in your home.

Our brilliant range of artificial bamboo trees has been carefully selected to avoid the high maintenance faff, and be as realistic as the real thing. Our bamboo range includes real bamboo canes (you really can't be more realistic than that!) and authentic-looking, dense bamboo foliage.

If you want to use artificial bamboo outside, it's important to choose one that's specially designed for outdoor use. These will have UV blockers built into the foliage which helping them resist the suns rays, and will be more robust than their indoor siblings.

You can view our range of outdoor artificial bamboo trees here.

The popular oriental bamboo tree is a beautiful replica of the traditional Chinese bamboo tree, while our natural bamboo tree features delicate stems and handcrafted leaves making it the ideal tree for creating a relaxing environment. Lastly, our black stem bamboo tree is a sleek and stylish option for any office or to create a calming space in your home. All three are under 70cm wide making them great contenders for narrow spaces.

A selection of our bamboo plants and trees have been upgraded to include UV stable foliage which means they can be used outside with minimal risk of fading or discolouring. For more information on what UV stability actually means, read our UV resistance guide here.

You can view our range of outdoor artificial bamboo trees here.

Our artificial bamboo plants and trees arrive in a small black starter pot. We recommend rehoming your beautiful new bamboo in a larger, more attractive plant pot (we’ll offer up some ideal options when you add it to your basket). 😊

This step will also keep your bamboo steady on its feet, whether inside or outside your home. The best part is that potting your faux bamboo is quick, easy, and only ever needs to be done once.

  1. Choose a plant pot. Choose one with drainage if the plant is going outside.
  2. Prefill the pot so that the starter pot sits just inside the top of the plant pot.
  3. Pop the tree into the pot.
  4. Fill around the starter pot with earth, sand, or decorative stones.

Take a peek at our artificial plant potting guide for more info.

Unlike real bamboo, faux bamboo is incredibly low maintenance and won't run riot. It doesn’t need watering, pruning or even the right temperature. But to keep the plant looking fresh and as real as possible, we recommend giving it a quick dust from time to time.

And that's it!

The price of artificial trees may be more than the price of real plants to begin with, but in the long run, they definitely work out cheaper overall.

You lose the cost of feeding and the cost of buying a larger pot to replant your bamboo in the future, not to mention how much time you’ll save not having to maintain trees that might not even survive in the end! Another benefit is that you won’t need to wait for your bamboo to grow to the size of our faux.

Wide range
We stock a wide range of bamboo trees to suit every home. The most popular bamboo trees have now been recreated as faux replicas so you’re sure to find your favourites!

Low maintenance
Real plants don’t always look their best.

Maybe it’s not the right season, or maybe they’ve not been watered correctly.

Whichever way you look at it, a real plant can be a needy member of your household and If it’s not looked after right, it might end up looking pretty miserable or even in the bin.

The best solution for this problem is to opt for artificial bamboo plants and leave behind the high maintenance.

We package our artificial trees nice and tight to keep them safe during delivery. It does mean they can appear a little compressed but don’t fret, it’s a quick and easy job to bring them to life…

Begin at the bottom of your bamboo and work your way up, pulling and adjusting the harder wired plastic stems into position. Then work open any closed bunches of leaves. If there are any small crinkles, these should drop out over the next week or so.

If you need a hand, give us a bell and we'll guide you, or have a read of our guide to arranging artificial plants.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

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