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Looking for the very best fauxs? Our hottest products list showcases the crème de la crème of our faux-tastic range. They're right at the top in terms of realism, quality and value for money. They're pretty popular with other customers too. 💖

Two artificial bay trees in front of a glass door surrounded by fake flowers
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140cm artificial areca palm
Areca palm
£57.95 - £164.95
Artificial 120cm bay laurel tree
Bay laurel tree
£56.45 - £129.95
170cm artificial paradise palm
Paradise palm
£35.95 - £139.96
Artificial cedar spiral topiary
Cedar spiral
£73.95 - £215.95
150cm artificial ficus tree
Ficus tree
£40.95 - £71.95
Faux Boston fern houseplant
Boston fern
200cm artificial strelitzia plant
£121.96 - £154.96
150cm artificial boxwood spiral topiary
Boxwood spiral
£71.95 - £181.95

Everything you need to know

These beauties are some of our most popular faux plants among other customers, rated over 4.5 stars in hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of reviews. They've earned their place as the best of the bunch due to their exceptional quality and stylish looks.

We're especially proud of these plant pals as they're crafted with the finest materials which allows for unbeatable realism and durability. The joins in the stems are more discreet, the leaves mimic their natural counterparts to a T and lots of the trunks on the artificial trees are made from natural wood, so they're sure to pass the touch test!

Our collection of best-selling fauxs wouldn't be complete with our top rated bay laurel tree, cedar spiral topiary and areca palm which are ideal for adding evergreen colour to your front door and outside area with added UV protection.

Indoors, our faux paradise palm takes the lead with a rating of 5 stars in over 900 reviews, followed up by our humble ficus tree and quintessential Boston fern - ideal for adding effortless greenery to empty spaces around your home or office.

Lastly, our mixed flower window box is the front runner of our artificial flowers and can be combined with an artificial hanging basket or floral patio planter for a flourishing garden without lifting a finger!

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

Stylish artificial swiss cheese plant in modern light living room

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