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Artificial foliage & greenery

Our range of foliage and greenery features a tonne of variety including hanging ferns, outdoor topiary and trendy houseplants to bring some lasting colour to your space.

Artificial evergreen foliage and green plants
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Everything you need to know

Artificial foliage and greenery has become increasingly popular over the past decade. It's the perfect solution for areas where real plants wouldn’t survive, for businesses that don’t want to maintain natural plants and for people, who like us, lack the skill needed for gardening 🌿.

We offer a huge range of faux greenery including our popular bay laurel tree, our foliage patio planter and our artificial ivy bush. Most of our foliage and greenery is designed for outside use, but some of our items are designed for indoor use only. For more details, check out our Ultimate Guide to UV Resistance.

We check the foliage, shape, size and colour of all our foliage and greenery against their natural counterparts to make sure they’re as realistic as possible. Each material we use to create our artificial plants has a specific purpose in making sure they are some of the most natural looking on the market.

Low maintenance

One of the main benefits of artificial foliage and greenery is the time and money you save. Our low maintenance options save you the time and stress it takes to keep real plants without compromising on the most natural look. There’s no watering, feeding, pruning or training needed as our artificial foliage is virtually ready to go into your space straight out of the box!

Wide range

The most popular plants have now been replicated into faux’s, so among our wide range you can bet on finding your favourites. Life with faux plants is more flexible too! With real plants, they don’t always look their best and you can quickly get bored of their look. With faux foliage and greenery you can simply swap them out to suit your home. Just store them away and when you come to bring them out again they’ll still look as good as the day you left them.


Growing real plants is often cheaper up front, but over a longer period of time artificial plants are certainly the most affordable choice. This is because they eliminate the cost you have to spend on feeding real plants (that often don’t even survive) and re-potting them as they grow. With our artificial plants, the initial cost of purchasing them is the only price you’ll have to pay.

Allergies & toxins

Some of us suffer from plant related allergies and some plants are toxic and risk poisoning pets and small children. Luckily our false plants remove the worry of allergies and toxins. For more reasons to choose artificial foliage and greenery, visit our blog.

Our range of faux foliage and greenery all have different needs when it comes to potting. If your new faux comes in a small black starter pot, we recommend putting it into a larger more attractive planter. For plants with spikes you can simply push them straight into soil or foam. For more info, check out our potting guide.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.