Expanding artificial foliage trellis

Perfect for gently masking fences, bin stores or other eye-sores. Expandable willow trellis 'grows' to fit your space and provides a softer and cheaper option verses full green wall options.

Artificial photinia expanding willow trellis screening
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Forest foliage living wall screen surrounding outdoor seating with wine

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Everything you need to know

Faux expanding screens are an excellent solution for beautifying any unseemly spots in your garden, be it unpainted fences, crumbling walls or wheely bins.

Each artificial expanding trellis has UV stable foliage which means it won't fade to blue in the sunlight, along with a flexible willow frame which can be mounted to your surface. Choose from our elegant pink gardenia expanding screen or, if you're after something a little more dense, our photinia expanding screen.

Artificial ivy screening is another excellent alternative for hiding away old walls or fences in your garden!

There's no definitive size for expanding trellis products as the height and width varies depending on how stretched the product is. Check each product page for specific guidance and example measurements.

To attached your artificial screening to a surface like a wall or fence, pop a screw or nail into the surface. Then loop some garden wire around the edge of the willow frame and tie it to the fixing. Repeat this for all four corners... and perhaps somewhere in the middle for total support.

Alternatively you can simply lean it against your surface and pop something in front of it to stop it falling over.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.