Artificial grass plants

Faux grass plants are an excellent choice for pretty much any space in your home. With several styles and sizes to choose from, this versatile greenery is popular for creating screening, sprucing up empty shelves, and brightening dark corners.

Artificial grass and grasses
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Artificial onion grass plant
Onion grass
£9.46 - £18.95
60cm 2ft small artificial foxtail grass
Foxtail grass
£16.95 - £22.95
90cm artificial zebra grass
Zebra grass
£6.62 - £10.82 £9.45 - £15.45
Artificial river grass
River grass
£47.45 - £85.96
Artificial grass bush
Grass bush
Small artificial pennisetum grass plant
Pennisetum grass
£14.21 - £22.09 £18.95 - £29.45
Artificial allium grass
Allium grass
Artificial grass stem
Grass spike
£3.57 £5.95
Artificial dandelion grass
Dandelion grass
£33.95 - £69.00
Artificial foxtail grass spike
Foxtail grass spike
£5.07 £8.45
Artificial carex grass
Carex grass
Artificial pampas grass
Pampas grass
Small artificial ornamental grass plant
Ornamental grass plant
£11.45 - £18.95
Artificial strelitzia trees in blue dining room

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Everything you need to know

Add depth and height to your flower arrangements, break up a large room by creating your own artificial screening and liven up small spaces using our range of faux grasses.

Artificial grass plants are perfect if you’re looking for a stylish addition to your home without the hassle of real plants, and there’s no need to wait, each of our artificial grasses arrive fully ‘grown’ and ready to go straight out of the box. Use one alone for some simple, refreshing colour or try pairing a faux grass with one of our artificial cacti to fill your space with warm desert vibes!

We have a brilliant bunch of grasses available including the beautiful foxtail grass, contemporary dandelion grass and the stunning pampas grass. Our bushes will arrive either pre-potted in a small black travel pot which is designed to keep your plant stable, or on a small plastic spike ready to push into a pot of your choice.

One of the main concerns when shopping for artificial grass plants is whether they’ll look realistic. We’ve worked closely with suppliers across the world for the past 10 years to source quality, affordable and most of all realistic-looking faux grass plants. We make sure to check the foliage, shape, size and colours of all our artificial plants against their natural counterparts to make sure that they’re as natural looking as possible.


Although the initial cost of buying artificial plants is often more than the cost of real plants, they actually end up costing less in the long run. You don’t need to pay for feeding or repotting your plants and you gain back all those hours of taking care of high maintenance plants. For more reasons to choose artificial, read our blog.

Style without the maintenance

Choosing artificial grass plants over real ones saves you both time and money. Our artificial greenery relieves you of the hassle it takes to maintain real plants so you don’t need to water, feed, prune or replace them! Instead, you can enjoy simple, easy-going greenery without the faff.

Real plants don’t always look their best and eventually, you can get bored of their look. With faux, you can store them away and swap them out for a different style to suit your mood and your interior. When the time comes to bring them out again, they’ll still look as good as the day you left them!

We have a few outdoor grass plants available, however most of our range is for indoor use only. You can check where your grass is best suited on the product page.

Our outdoor grasses include the handsome phormium grass, the elegant river grass and more.

All of our potted grass plants come in a basic black pot, but it’s always best to put them in something a little more stylish. We have a range of contemporary and traditional pots and planters for you to choose from including our trendy vibes fold and timeless Brussels round.

If your grass plants comes in a plastic spike, you can simply push it straight into soil or foam to keep it in place. Check out our full potting guide for more info.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

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