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Artificial fruit trees

Be instantly transported to the orange groves of Spain or the lemon groves of Italy without leaving your home! Our fabulous faux fruit trees will give any space instant Mediterranean appeal whatever the weather. Choose from a range of orange, lemon, and olive trees then simply position and soak-up the sunshine.

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Everything you need to know

Our indoor fruit trees are available in a range of shapes, sizes and varieties for your space. Choose from lemons, oranges or olives for stunning colour where no watering, growing, or maintenance is needed 🍋. Simply take your tree out of the box, arrange the foliage and it’s ready to go straight into your space.

Our range includes our luxury artificial olive tree as well as our beautiful faux lemon tree for a touch of Mediterranean colour.

Our fruit trees feature either real wooden stems or injection moulded plastic stems. This means that our trees are some of the most realistic looking available! The foliage is dense and features intricate detailing on each leaf, so even up close you can fool your friends and family into thinking you’re a gardening pro! Each of our quality fruit trees have their own weighted fake fruit that is designed to be botanically accurate for the most authentic look. Hands off though, they don’t taste very good!

Most of our artificial fruit trees feature detailed silk leaves which unfortunately means that they aren’t UV protected, so we don’t recommend placing them outside to avoid fading. If however you would like to place them outside, we recommend putting them in a shaded area, out of direct sunlight. For more information on UV protection, read our guide.

Unless you’re a fan of high heating bills, growing real fruit trees is near impossible in our UK climate! Luckily our faux fruit trees are happy in all conditions and will never beg for watering, feeding or any maintenance whatsoever, keeping the leaves a lovely, deep green, the lemons a vibrant yellow and the oranges…orange!

Our artificial fruit trees are suitable for a range of different rooms and spaces. Conservatories and orangeries are where our fruit trees will look most natural as this is where they would usually be grown. They’re also particularly useful in office spaces where there’s no risk of being forgotten.

When growing real fruit trees, the UK climate isn’t exactly ideal and even the most seasoned gardener might find a few issues along the way. They can take decades to reach maturity and the gleaming fruit is a delicious and enticing promise for pests and diseases that will need taking care of if you want to keep your fruit tree alive and healthy. These include aphids, mildew, moths and silver leaf disease which is often fatal 😬.

Our range of artificial fruit trees are a simple solution! Take your faux tree out of the box, arrange the fruit and foliage and voila. It’s fully ‘grown’ and ready to start making a great impression on friends and family. You’ll never need to worry about those pesky bugs and pests. Plus there’s no need for watering, feeding or pruning. How much easier could it get?

We always recommend repotting your artificial plants as this really adds the finishing touch and helps to keep your artificial fruit tree stable. We offer a selection of pots including UV stable and frost resistant pots to accentuate your beautiful new fruit tree.

If you need any help with re-potting your tree, check out our guide to potting artificial plants.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.