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Artificial patio tubs

Want to brighten up a shady spot in your garden or create a patio bursting with colour? Our amazingly realistic artificial patio tubs are weighted to be sturdy and there is zero maintenance so they can simply be enjoyed.

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Everything you need to know

Taking care of real flowers is a task that lots of us find rather time consuming and tiresome. Maybe because you lead a busy lifestyle, suffer from plant related allergies or simply don’t have a penchant for gardening (don’t worry, you’re not alone!). Either way, our artificial patio tubs are for you.

Artificial flowers are the perfect alternative to their needy natural counterparts. Real patio tubs need more watering than most arrangements and usually need replacing each year. Our artificial flower tubs look fresh all year round and are quite happy to live in any environment. They won’t die if you forget to water them and apart from a quick clean now and then, they are completely maintenance free 👌!

Styling your garden with faux greenery used to be frowned upon due to their shiny plastic appearance, but this is no longer the case. Manufacturing techniques have come a long way since then, allowing artificial flowers to be made from high quality fabrics and realistic flexible plastics, making them almost identical to real flowers.

Our patio tubs are made from high quality, strong materials including polyethylene plastic and silk. Each material has its own purpose in making the flowers and foliage authentic replicas of the real thing. We also check the colours, shapes and sizes of all our patio tubs to make sure they’re as realistic as possible.

Wide range

Using faux patio tubs makes styling your garden a breeze and each patio tub is designed for outside use based on typical UK weather conditions. The most popular flowers have been recreated as artificial alternatives, so you’re sure to find your favourites among our range of faux patio tubs. If you ever change the style of your home you can simply store your patio tubs away and when you’re ready to bring them out again, they’ll still look as good as they did when you left them.


Growing real flowers can often be more expensive in the long run compared to artificial flowers. With real plants, you need to pay for feeding, repotting and potentially replacing your flowers every year. Instead, the one-time cost of artificial flowers might be a little more expensive at first, but you’ll never need to spend time and money replacing your patio tubs or carrying out any ongoing maintenance.

Allergies & toxins

A hay fever free garden is a clear advantage of artificial patio tubs. You never need to worry about our faux alternatives posing a risk to pets or small children. For more reasons to choose artificial, visit our blog.

Our range of stunning patio tubs feature the same plastic terracotta style planter, all that differs is the foliage and flowers.

We add ballast to the pot for added weight and stability which prevents them from blowing over in the wind. Then, we glue a layer of dry flower oasis into the pot and glue the flowers and foliage into the oasis which is topped with a layer of artificial moss for added authenticity.

Need some advice?
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to have a chat if you need anything 😊.

Our artificial plants are made from high quality, durable materials like polyethylene plastic, steel, natural wood, polyester and latex. This may seem like an eccentric mix, but each has a specific purpose to ensure the plant looks natural and has a long life.