Outdoor artificial plants

From spirals to hedging, we have a whole range of intricately lifelike artificial outdoor plants. Blooming Artificial outdoor plants can be placed or planted wherever you want so you can enjoy instant greenery and all the glory with none of the work!

artificial outdoor plants
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140cm artificial areca palm
Areca palm
£46.36 - £131.96 £57.95 - £164.95
90cm bay laurel tree
Bay laurel tree
£56.45 - £129.95
Artificial 150cm oriental bamboo tree
Oriental bamboo
£60.00 - £98.95
Artificial cedar spiral topiary
Cedar spiral
£73.95 - £215.95
150cm artificial boxwood spiral topiary
Boxwood spiral
£71.95 - £181.95
Artificial 180cm black stem bamboo tree
Black stem bamboo
£45.95 - £57.95
90cm artificial boxwood tower topiary
Boxwood tower
£63.95 - £131.95
Artificial Bay Cone
Bay cone
Artificial river grass
River grass
£47.45 - £85.96
Artificial boxwood ball pair
Boxwood ball (pair)
£14.59 - £63.34 £19.45 - £84.45
Artificial boxwood triple ball topiary
Boxwood triple ball tree
£97.45 - £157.45
Artificial boxwood single ball tree
Boxwood single ball tree
£71.95 - £128.95
5ft tall artificial bay trees framing green front door

Refresh your front garden

See our top tips on how to refresh your front garden including which plants to choose.

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Everything you need to know

Outdoor artificial plants can help you achieve the garden you desire. Whether you are short on time, not green-fingered or no longer able to tend to your garden, our range of faux exterior plants can instantly transform your outside space.

Artificial outdoor plants offer low maintenance gardening with all the benefits beautiful plants bring. Increased curb appeal, year-round colour and greenery to name just a few. You can also say goodbye to the hassle of nature; whether it’s constant watering, training or cutting back.

We have an artificial outdoor plant for every space in your garden.

If you’re after larger UV stable outdoor plants, topiary plants and bamboo could be for you. For something more exotic, the tropical UV stable areca palm plant is ideal. It’s available in four sizes, so there’s bound to be one to fit your space.

For small spaces, we have a range of DIY outdoor plants and shrubs that can be potted into pots or straight in the ground.

For those looking for to add more elevation to their gardens, look no further than our range of faux hanging baskets.

Great options for year-round colour include our fake outdoor arrangements like our beautiful window boxes bursting with flowers and foliage and patio tubs.

Everywhere and anywhere.

Faux outside plants can replace or complement real plants wherever they are already in use.

For the front garden, our customers usually favour tall plants to frame their front doors. Plants like our top bay laurel tree or cedar spiral topiary are extremely popular. Artificial hanging baskets are another favourite that adds year-round colour and curb appeal.

For the back garden, add patio tubs to your patio, window boxes to your ledges or beneath your windows and flowering bushes and shrubs to your flower beds. These plants also work really well for smaller areas like balconies, terraces and courtyard gardens.

For hard to reach hooks and ledges, choose between colourful or green foliage hanging baskets and window boxes like the wild flower basket or the alluring allium window box.

Outdoor artificial plants for the garden can last for several years however, because of variable weather conditions, it’s hard to provide a definitive timeframe on them.

To maximise your outdoor plant’s lifespan, protect it from extreme weather like heatwaves, high winds and storms. We also recommend rotating your plants regularly to spread any gradual weathering.

All of our outdoor artificial plants are guaranteed for a minimum of one year.

For more information on caring for your artificial garden plants, check out our guide here.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.