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Faux heliconia leaves in pink interior

The power of plants

Artificial rubber plant on wooden desk in pink bedroom

Good looks aren’t the only thing our plants have going for them; in fact, a little greenery is proven to have plenty of positive effects in the workplace from reducing stress to increasing productivity by 15%!

Go big and choose from towering palm trees that pack a tropical punch, or opt for smaller desktop plants to cheer up empty workstations.

Find out more about using plants in the workplace.

Why choose faux?

The power of faux means transforming your commercial space into a botanical utopia is quick and simple. Our friendly plant pals are as easy-going as it gets, so they won’t take up your time with constant watering, re-potting or replacing after being neglected over the holidays!

Bring your office to life

We turned this empty office space into a warm, exotic oasis 🌴 using a variety of tropical artificial trees, smaller tabletop plants and even a trendy green wall!

Next steps

Restaurant with large artificial musa basjoo banana tree

Why us?

We source only the finest quality faux plants directly from the best manufacturers, so we can offer you unbeatable prices. Without wilted flowers or crispy brown foliage in sight, we’re here to make your space a little leafier with delivery in as little as 1-3 working days.

Find out more about Blooming Artificial

Helping your business bloom

See how a little low-effort greenery can help your business bloom. 🌱

We gave this restaurant some extra oomph with the help of a few friendly tabletop plants, some effortless outdoor topiary and our tropical musa basjoo tree!

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