Artificial hanging baskets

No one will know your artificial hanging basket isn’t real, thanks to our artificial plants which look unbelievable realistic. And best of all, there’s no watering involved! So all you need to do is decide which to choose from our fabulous range…

artificial hanging flower baskets
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Everything you need to know

Hanging baskets with real flowers are thirsty, need deadheading and generally only last a season. They can also be hung in hard to reach places which makes them harder to look after. Our artificial hanging baskets are the polar opposite. Simply hang them and enjoy a stunning pop of colour season after season.

Natural flowers contain pollen which can be a real pain for hay fever sufferers and other related allergies. Again, fake flower hanging baskets are pollen-free making them a great alternative.

The initial cost of a good quality hanging basket may appear high, but it pays off in the long run. Replacing blooms season after season is expensive and that’s before factoring in water and plant feed.

Try combining one of our artificial hanging baskets with an imitation olive tree or with some fake ivy to give your garden a summery feel.

We’re passionate about providing the very best hanging basket flower arrangements at reasonable prices. Our hanging baskets are crafted by skilled florists using top-notch flowers and foliage. Combined, they produce our range of unbelievably realistic outdoor artificial hanging baskets.

Try combining one of our artificial hanging baskets with an imitation olive tree or with some fake ivy to give your garden a summery feel.

Our best-selling artificial hanging baskets are the wild flower hanging basket and the calla hanging basket. Our best fake foliage only option is the artificial forest foliage hanging basket.

Yes. Artificial hanging baskets have a dry oasis core which doesn’t retain water. The flowers and foliage are designed for outdoor use.

The oasis core is secured into the basket. It can be cut or pulled out and replanted into another hanging basket. We don't recommend doing this as the flowers could get damaged.

Yes. We offer a wide range of flowers and foliage bushes which are designed to be put in hanging baskets. Find our bushes here.

Putting a lifespan on any outdoor artificial plant is really tricky and these outdoor arrangements are probably the hardest because the foliage is delicate and less able to withstand the elements.

In our experience, the answer is between one and three years. If your arrangement doesn’t last at least a year, get in touch.

Determining the lifespan comes down to a whole host of factors such as location, amount of sun it’s exposed to, humidity, and more. There’s lots more information about UV protection on our dedicated blog here.

If you’re fed up with wilting baskets, you’ve come to the right place. There’s no watering or deadheading here. Our only top tips are:

  • Spray with a UV spray from time to time

  • Rotate it from time to time to ensure any weather is gradual

  • Move it during extreme weather (including heatwaves)

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.