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Create a private space or screen the unsightly with our artificial hedging. Available in a range of pest-proof foliage types and sizes to suit every space, our instant all-year-round hedging is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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artificial 88cm boxwood hedge
Boxwood hedge
£216.00 - £661.20
Artificial 121cm cedar hedge
Cedar hedge
£216.00 - £655.20
Artificial 104 buxus hedge
Buxus hedge
£216.00 - £661.20
Artificial tropical living wall in outdoor garden seating area

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Everything you need to know

Faux hedging is a fantastic alternative to ugly walls and boring fences.

Whether you’re after screening to hide away your wheelie bins or simply want a little extra privacy in your garden, our hedging is durable, incredibly realistic, needs no trimming or pruning, and is immune to problems like box blight that often plague real plants.

All of our fake hedging takes roughly 2-4 weeks to ‘grow’ before dispatch and is then safely delivered to your kerbside the next working day.

Our artificial hedges come with several foliage options, each with a multi-tone, UV stable finish. Starting with our tightly trimmed boxwood hedge, which is the most traditional style featuring tiny heart-shaped leaves.

Then there’s the slightly longer and untrimmed buxus which is a more contemporary take on traditional boxwood. In our opinion, it’s more realistic than the boxwood as it looks more grown-out and a little less perfectly maintained.

Finally, we have our popular cedar hedge, which you may recognise from our beloved cedar spiral topiary tree. This foliage has a unique conifer-style thickness, giving it a contemporary appearance that sets it apart from our other options.

Each foliage type comes in upward-growing side mats, used around the edges and sides of your artificial hedge, and a vertical growing top mat which gives the hedging added realism and prevents foliage gaps on the edges.
Artificial hedge foliage direction

We manufacture artificial hedging in 60cm and 100cm (1m) long sections. Depending on the foliage type which can add or minus a few centimetres, hedging is available in sizes starting at 46cm up to 160cm.

We don’t build hedges larger than 160cm because they become less stable and more likely to get damaged in windy conditions. If you need a hedge that’s taller or outside of our standard measurements, you can build one using our how to build an artificial hedge guide.

Person building an artificial hedge

A strong & stylish base
Our artificial hedges are crafted with a strong wooden base constructed from pressure-treated timber to ensure durability.

To enhance stability, each hedge base features a removable panel that allows for the addition of extra weight.

Once built, we give the base a personalised touch to match your style by staining it in a choice of four beautiful colours, including a natural rustic finish.

Artificial hedge trough colour options

A durable wood frame
On top of the base sits a strong wooden frame. From there, we attach your favourite foliage, whether you like a neat boxwood, a more natural buxus, or our trendy cedar foliage.

Lush, lifelike foliage
When we attach foliage to your hedge, we go the extra mile, using two different styles for the top and sides.

For the top, we use foliage that grows directly upward, while for the sides, we use foliage that points out and up to create a natural look that mimics the growth of a real hedge.

After we've built your faux hedge, we take great care to inspect it and pack it onto a pallet for easy delivery. We use Pall-Ex to bring it right to your doorstep where we recommend having two people on hand to unpack and move the hedge to wherever you want it.

Our artificial hedges have been tested to live outdoors in typical UK weather, with a special UV coating to protect them from fading. If you have any issues within 1 year from purchase, please let us know.

In the case of extreme weather it's always best to move your hedge to a sheltered spot.

If that's not possible, you can always add some extra weight to its base to keep it steady during strong winds. Additionally, covering your hedge's foliage during a heatwave can reduce the amount of UV radiation it absorbs.

Our faux hedges are built to last for several years, but it's hard to predict exactly how long they'll stay pristine. There are many factors that can play a role, like where you live and what kind of weather you experience.

The existing UV protection dramatically increases its lifespan and there are UV sprays available online which may further improve this however, we’re yet to test these so can't recommend them just yet.

Please contact us if you notice damage or fading on your hedge within a year of purchase.

Our artificial hedges aren't really meant for attaching to walls. However, we do have some fantastic faux green wall panels that work wonders for hiding those unsightly old fences and walls. Plus, they're totally hassle-free!

Find out how to build an artificial living wall.

Seamless artificial hedging
If you're planning to use multiple hedges in a row, it's a good idea to make sure they're all connected without any gaps in between.

Let us know when you place your order and we'll make sure to leave some of the edges bare. This will help create a beautiful and seamless line of foliage once the hedges are pushed together.

If our artificial hedges aren't quite what you're looking for, we recommend taking a look at our assortment of artificial green living walls or expanding trellises.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.