Environmental policy

Find out what we're doing to continiously improve our impact on the environment, from reforestation to solar power.

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We’re committed to continuously improving our impact on the environment. We do this in a few ways: by working internally with our suppliers, supporting positive climate projects and following our eco-design principles.

Tree planting

Our goals

By the end of 2024 we aim to:
Fund the planting of over 30,000 trees Invest in projects to offset 50T of CO2

Powered by the sun!

Solar generated graphic Q2

We've invested in environmentally friendly ways to generate our own electricity and power our office in Great Yarmouth.

Most recently, this includes the installation of a heat pump which absorbs heat from the outside to warm and cool our office.

The energy generated by heat pumps is significantly higher than the energy consumed with low or no carbon dioxide emissions and is one of the ways the government is aiming to meet net zero by 2050.

Along with this, we've installed solar panels on the roof of our office building which power our lights, computers, telephones and more, which so far during 2023 have generated 172,884 kWh.

Climate projects

Reforestation project - blog post by Blooming Artificial
Ecologi & Eden Reforestation Projects

We support a variety of positive environmental activities with the help of Ecologi.

This includes planting trees! Each tree is planted by local people in Madagascar, Kenya and other countries, providing fair wage employment, restoring wildlife habitats and helping to reforest the planet with a variety of trees native to the area. So far we've funded the planting of over 17,000 trees!

We also invest in carbon-negative projects around the world to offset the CO2 generated by shipping containers from the Far East. So far, we've offset over 36 tCO2e.

Our eco-design principles

Artificial hedge production

When we're designing and crafting our range of artificial plants, trees and flowers, there are several eco-design principles that we follow.

These are:

  • Use of low-impact materials

  • Use of recyclable materials

  • Optimising our packaging to reduce the space required

  • Using the lowest carbon transport option

  • Removing excessive packaging materials

Our role

We aim to help our growing band of faux plant lovers care for our products, maximise their lifespan and help dispose of them properly at the end of their life in the most environmentally sensitive ways possible.

Our environmental vision is to make our staff, customers and suppliers aware of the environmental issues important to us, along with the focus of our environmental agenda of continuous improvement.

We do this by encouraging our staff to take part in our initiatives such as our bike-to-work scheme and pushing our suppliers to raise their environmental standards. We're always on the lookout for opportunities to work with suppliers who have environmental management systems.

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