Blooming Artificial...

Blooming Artificial Limited (owned by Signwaves Limited) is one of the UK’s leading retailers of artificial plants, flowers and trees. We’ve been selling artificial plants since the beginning of 2008. We handpick our products from suppliers across the globe to bring you the finest artificial plants at affordable prices.

Based in the usually sunny Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, we started out with just a couple of staff, a basic website and a small range of stock. As artificial plants have become increasingly popular we’ve grown our small team, invested heavily in our supply chain (we import directly from manufacturers and hold thousands of items in stock at our 5000sq m. warehouse) and of course worked hard on our shop-front – our website!

Putting you first

Our customers (hopefully you by the end of this page) are at the forefront of everything we do because without you – we wouldn’t be here. Amy and Sarah (Meet the team) are available throughout business hours to answer any query, investigate every issue or simply chat to you about our range of artificial plants. Outside of business hours check out The Potting Shed, It’s full of useful articles giving you extra information about our products, tips and tricks as well as standard customer service info you may be after.

What our customers say

We’re currently rated as Excellent by our customers on TrustPilot, an independent third party review site. We actively encourage these reviews from all of our customers, regardless of the experience they’ve had with us or whether they liked the products they received. We can’t remove what they write - which means you can trust our reviews fully.

Honest, transparent information

There’s a lot of information out there about artificial plants but very few places pass this onto the customer. Through the information on our product pages, The Potting Shed or through conversations on the telephone or via email we’re here to educate and help you make the right purchase.

We won’t tell you something is suitable for outside use if it quite simply isn’t. Likewise we won’t guarantee that something will last for years when in reality it may only last for a season or 12 months. While this approach may not get us ‘the sale’, we’re confident that honesty truly is the best policy.

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