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How to arrange artificial plants

Arranging and styling your new faux will help you get the most out of your artificial plant. Find out how to do it in our easy to follow guide here.

How to arrange artificial plants banner image showing fake bougainvillea in lounge

Although our plants are as low maintenance as it gets, they do need a little bit of care when they first arrive. Once you’ve opened the box and removed all the packaging, you might notice that your plant looks slightly different to what you’d expect, which is totally normal at this stage. Your new faux only needs a little help to arrange its leaves into its natural position. Read on to find out how.

Most of our artificial plants have wired fronds and foliage which means you can simply bend or reshape them by hand until they’re looking their best. Either use the images on our website, or find a photo of your plant's natural sibling to help guide you. You can be pretty firm with your faux, it won’t break easily!

Some of the leaves might have arrived slightly creased from being safely packed in the box. You can easily fix these out with your hands. Any creases that are left behind will naturally drop out within the next few days. If you’re battling a stubborn crease, try covering it with a dry cloth and applying low heat with an iron or hair straighteners to see it on its way. 

Each different style of plant will need slightly different levels of arranging. For example, palm trees can be arranged by simply bending the foliage into an arch shape. But topiary plants will need their foliage gently fluffing out for a natural finish. 

We've created some handy video guides to help you. Keep scrolling to find out how to arrange an artificial houseplant, bamboo and palm tree.

If you have any questions or need a hand, just let us know.

How to arrange an artificial houseplant

How to arrange an artificial bamboo

How to arrange an artificial palm tree

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