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Artificial window boxes

Bring balconies to life or just make your home and garden instantly prettier. Our totally realistic artificial window boxes are perfect for all seasons and best of all they are ready to go with no weeding or watering involved!

artificial window boxes with faux flowers and greenery
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Everything you need to know

Artificial window boxes are an easy way to add stunning year round colour to your home and garden. They’re incredibly low maintenance and will look fabulous all year round. For added authenticity, swap out colourful summer arrangements like the best-selling mixed flower window box for evergreen boxes like the traditional foliage window box.

Because artificial flower and foliage window boxes require no watering and ongoing maintenance, they’re ideal for hard to reach areas like second floor window ledges or office and commercial environments where no one is on hand to care for the flower arrangements.

Being artificial has one final benefit. No pollen. If you, a family member or colleague suffers from hay fever or another plant related allergy, then artificial window boxes offer vibrant flower arrangements without the side effects.

All of our window boxes include incredibly realistic, vibrant flowers and detailed foliage that have been lovingly assembled by our designers. Each arrangement has a distinctive style and usual centres around a specific flower species or colour group.

Our window boxes all feature the same body. The only thing that differs is the stunning selection of flowers and foliage used to style the box.

We use a black 60cm long Stewarts window trough. It’s made from high grade plastic making it durable, lightweight, and UV stable. We add ballast to give the window box some weight and a low centre of gravity which should prevent the box from blowing over too easily.

After this, we add a glue a layer of made to measure dry artificial flower oasis into the trough. Flowers and foliage are then inserted and glued securely into the arrangement. The oasis is then topped with a layer of faux moss for added authenticity.

Yes. They have a dry oasis core which doesn't retain water. The window box trough has holes in the bottom which you'll need to pop out to allow water to drain away.

The foliage and flower spikes are glued into the oasis, however they can be removed with a little bit of force. We don't recommend this as the flowers may get damaged, and it's irreversable. You also won't be able to return them to us.

Our outdoor arrangements are delivered in made to measure packing with all the necessary tabs and toggles to hold them in place.

It means when they land on your doorstep, all you need to do is remove the packaging and pop it in position. No additional aggro.

Putting a lifespan on any outdoor artificial plant is really tricky and these outdoor arrangements are probably the hardest because the foliage is delicate and less able to withstand the elements.

In our experience, the answer is between one and three years. To extend the lifespan as far as possible follow our care tips below. If your arrangement doesn’t last at least a year, get in touch.

Determining the lifespan comes down to a whole host of factors such as location, amount of sun it’s exposed to, humidity, and more. There’s lots more information about UV protection on our dedicated blog here.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.