Artificial olive trees

Bring the beauty of olive plants into your space instantly with our fab faux range. Choose from rustic Italian olive trees straight from the grove or contemporary ball style, and create Mediterranean ambiance without the real-plant-hassle.

Artificial Tuscan olive tree range
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Faux small olive ball tree
Olive ball tree
£25.17 - £38.46 £35.95 - £54.95
Artificial olive tree
Olive tree
90cm artificial Tuscan olive tree
Tuscan olive tree
£33.57 - £69.27 £47.95 - £98.95
Artificial mini olive bush
Olive bush
Artificial giant olive tree
Giant olive tree

Everything you need to know

Natural indoor olive trees are hard to keep. They need just the right lighting, are thirsty – but don’t overwater them, and can attract pests. They’re also slow growing – or expensive if you want to buy a big one.

We have curated a lovely range of luxurious olive plants. They’re fully grown straight out of the box and demand nothing!

Each tree is crafted to match natural olive trees of the same style. All you need to do is choose your favourite from the rustic Tuscan olive tree which offers slightly untamed growth, the neat olive ball tree or our best-selling olive tree which looks like it’s been delivered directly from the hills of Italy.

We don’t think so. When we choose our faux olive trees, we’re picky. We check the olive foliage is a close match for the real thing, choose rustic natural wood or suitable plastic moulded trunks, and check the olive fruits are realistic in size and colour.

Natural olive trees can thrive in the right environment but are finickity when it comes to keeping them indoors. They need light that isn’t too bright, but also not too dark, consistent watering and the right temperature (typically 20 degrees plus).

These days, artificial olive trees are incredibly realistic. From rustic aged trunks to soft green foliage and weighted olive fruits, the best artificial olive trees are a close match to the real thing.

Plus choosing artificial comes with faux plant goodness including no watering, no light or temperature demands, no pests, no wilting, no allergies… plus they arrive fully grown.

Repotting is just for real plants… right? Well not quite. Even though our fab faux’s don’t outgrow their pots, we do suggest you re-pot them when they arrive.

Most of our range arrive in a basic black pot (sometimes called a starter pot). This is basic and is designed to act as a base for the plant. Potting it into something a bit bigger and more decorative improves its stability and helps it fit into your décor.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

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