Finishing touches like pots and planters will make a huge difference to your artificial plants, trees, and flowers. A pot will help the plant blend (or stand out) into it's new home and it'll improve stability too.

We have a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from. If you need a hand, most products will suggest a pot or two when you add it to your basket.

Artificial Boston fern and monstera plan on dining table in modern living room
  • Artificial foliage bouquet in white ceramic vase on wooden side table


    Discover our selection of elegant vases to accompany your flower and foliage arrangements.

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Brussels round plant pot
Brussels round plant pot
Β£4.50 - Β£21.00
Blue vibes fold planter
Vibes fold planter
Β£6.00 - Β£26.00
Grey loft urban round plant pot
Loft urban round plant pot
Β£12.00 - Β£32.00
Dark grey loft urban square plant pot
Loft urban square plant pot
Β£28.00 - Β£45.00
Black vibia plant pot
Vibia plant pot
Β£14.00 - Β£29.00
Yellow b.for rock plant pot
b.for rock plant pot
Β£6.00 - Β£9.00
White vivo square planter
Vivo square planter
Β£42.00 - Β£62.00
Elho Vivo Next Long Planter
Vivo next long
Β£56.00 - Β£98.00
A selection of blue ocean waste plant pots
Ocean waste pot
Β£6.00 - Β£14.00
Textured lilac Elho plant pot
Jazz plant pot
Β£6.50 - Β£16.00
Pure coupe
Artificial 150cm cheese plant in study area

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Everything you need to know

Repotting is just for real plants… right? Well not quite. Even though our fab faux’s don’t outgrow their pots, we do suggest you re-pot them when they arrive.

Most of our range arrive in a basic black pot (sometimes called a starter pot). This is basic and is designed to act as a base for the plant. Potting it into something a bit bigger and more decorative improves its stability and helps it fit into your dΓ©cor.

Look at the details on the product page and check the pot dimensions. We typically suggest adding 2-10cm onto the width and going from there.

Selecting a pot towards the higher end of this range will really improve the plants stability. A top tip if you have small people or pets running around. πŸ˜„

If you are still unsure, we'll offer some recommended pots when you add items to your basket. Or just get in touch.

Elho is a 50 year old family-run business based in Tilberg, the Netherlands. Their mission is to design and make beautiful, strong and sustainable plastic plant pots.

To date, Elho has recycled over 8 million kilograms of waste to produce their fabulous long lasting plant pots. And at the end of the pot's life, it can be recycled too.

Last but far from least, their factory is adorned by almost 2 million bees and is powered by 100% wind energy from a turbine in their back garden.

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