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Artificial ivy

There's no need to worry about our faux ivy getting out of hand, instead you can enjoy it in all its beauty with non of the hassle. Opt for trailing ivy, living walls and more.

artificial trailing and bush ivy
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Artificial ivy bush variegated
Ivy bush
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Artificial ivy garland variegated
Ivy garland

Everything you need to know

Ivy is a self-clinging climber that rapidly grows to cover trees, fences, walls and buildings. It’s a cause for concern for many gardeners as its fast pace of growth can potentially cause a lot of damage. It attaches itself by producing aerial roots along the stems which can often only be removed with wire brushes or pressure washing. These aerial roots can easily grow through cracks and joints, causing structural damage and giving pests, like mice, an easy route into your home.

This is where our artificial ivy comes in. Make your own ivy screening, trail it down a trellis or add texture and style to your flower arrangements, like hanging baskets and window boxes. No maintenance, no pruning and a perfect lookalike of the real thing!

All of our ivy plants have been tested for UV resistance which means they won’t fade or turn a funny colour when used outside.

Over the past 10 years we’ve worked closely with suppliers around the world to perfect our range of artificial ivy. We’ve checked the foliage, shape, size and colour of all our ivy against their natural counterparts to make sure they look real..

Not only do we check the quality of our products, but we also like to keep a close eye on our prices to make sure they’re affordable and competitive.

Wide range

We have an ivy plant for every use. Our ivy living wall is perfect for creating privacy in your garden or creating your own stylish botanical feature wall. Simply clip the mats together using the a/b connectors and mount them to any wall, fence or trellis. Our ivy mat is made from strong PVC plastic which allows for intricate detail on each leaf while maintaining the strength needed for outside use.

Our ivy garland features a choice of green or variegated leaves which can be used for creating beautiful arrangements or covering areas in a display like trellises and arches.

Finally, our ivy bush is ideal for cascading down shelving or sprucing up beautiful flower arrangements and features a small plastic spike which can be pushed straight into a pot of your choice. It’s available in a choice of 70cm and 130cm, making it suitable for any size arrangement.


When you compare the initial cost of real plants vs artificial plants, faux is often higher at first. However when you look at the cost over a longer period of time, artificial ivy actually ends up being much more affordable as unlike real ivy, you don’t need to pay to maintain it..

Allergies & toxins

English Ivy can cause an allergic skin reaction after coming into contact with the sap. It can cause itching, rashes and blisters, but you won’t need to worry about that with our range of faux ivy.

All of our artificial ivy is UV protected, so there’s no need to worry about it fading in the sunlight. You might just want to give each leaf a quick wipe from time to time to remove any dust and keep the foliage looking nice and fresh.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.