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Artificial Bay Laurel Tree
From: £48.00 inc VAT
Artificial Conifer Tree
From: £82.50 inc VAT
Artificial Olive Ball Tree
From: £40.00 inc VAT
Artificial Ficus Tree
From: £42.00 inc VAT
Artificial Paradise Palm Tree
From: £29.00 inc VAT
Artificial Natural Bamboo
From: £57.00 inc VAT
Artificial Oriental Bamboo
From: £46.00 inc VAT
Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree
From: £57.00 inc VAT
Artificial Rose Ball Tree
From: £49.00 inc VAT
Artificial Fruticosa
From: £101.00 inc VAT
Artificial Boxwood Tower
From: £55.00 inc VAT
Artificial Boxwood Triple Ball Tree
From: £88.00 inc VAT
Artificial Cheese Plant
From: £48.00 inc VAT
Artificial Banana Tree
From: £74.00 inc VAT
Luxury Artificial Olive Tree
From: £170.00 inc VAT
Artificial Boxwood Spiral
From: £65.00 inc VAT
Artificial Boxwood Spiral with Stem
From: £70.00 inc VAT
Artificial Lotus Tree
From: £86.00 inc VAT

Useful Information

UV Resistance

We offer both indoor and outdoor artificial trees and have created a quick guide to help you understand the three levels of UV resistance that we offer. If you’re looking at a product that isn’t UV resistant but would still like to place it outside, there are some easy measures you can take to extend its life.

How to Pot Artificial Plants

We recommend repotting your new artificial tree to finish the overall look and add extra stability. We offer both indoor and outdoor pots in a range of styles and colours to suit your home and garden. When it comes to repotting your tree we’ve made an easy to follow guide, including a quick step by step video, to guide you through the process.

How to Arrange Artificial Plants

When you first receive your order you may find that the foliage has gotten a little squashed in its box. This is completely normal when buying artificial plants and only needs a few minutes spent arranging the foliage until you are happy with it. We’ve written a short guide to help.

Using Artificial Trees

Artificial trees have become immensely popular in the last decade. They’re the ideal solution for areas where natural trees will not survive – maybe because of the weather or simply because the species is not native to the UK. They’re perfect for businesses who do not want to maintain natural plants or individuals, who like us, are not green fingered!

We offer a wide range of indoor artificial trees including palms, ficus and bamboo alongside our UV stable, outdoor trees including topiary , cedar and our ever popular bay laurel trees . Our range of outdoor artificial trees, have been tested for UV resistance which means that they won’t fade when used outside in your garden.

Premium Quality, Reasonable Prices

One of the biggest concerns when buying artificial trees is whether they will look realistic. Over the past ten years we’ve worked closely with our suppliers across the world to refine and source quality, affordable and most of all realistic looking artificial trees. We’ve checked the foliage, colour, shape and size against their natural counter-parts to ensure that our artificial trees are as natural-looking as possible.

Our artificial trees are handmade using quality materials. Most stems are made from natural wood which the artificial tree foliage flowers out from, giving our fake trees unparalleled realism. Each tree is cemented into a plain black pot to give you a secure base for either planting or potting your new trees and the cement ensures that your trees are stable and won’t blow over in the wind.

Real or Fake

Wide Range

The most popular trees have now been reproduced in fake forms so you’re more than likely to find your favourites! Life is more flexible with artificial plants too. With real plants, you can sometimes get bored or they may not look their best. With faux you can simply change them to suit your mood and the style of your home. Simply store them away and when you’re ready to bring them back out again, they’ll still look as beautiful as they did when you left them.


Growing real trees can often be a cheaper upfront cost however over the long term the artificial versions are often more affordable as you don’t have to water, feed, repot or prune your artificial trees. With natural trees you often have to wait for them to mature to the size of our artificial trees which can sometimes take decades! When you’re comparing real to artificial don’t forget to factor in the time you spend maintaining your real trees as this can take up a lot of time and they may not even survive in the end.

Allergies and Toxins

There’s plenty of other reasons to choose artificial over real. Some of us suffer from allergies caused by pollen and some plants are toxic and risk poisoning pets and small children. For more reasons, visit our blog .

Low Maintenance

Our low maintenance artificial options relieve you of the time and hassle it takes to maintain certain types of trees. Mainly topiary trees as these require patience, time and skill that most of us just don’t have in today’s world. Instead the ideal solution is an instant garden straight out of the box that can be put into your desired space and left to look beautiful all year round without any need for maintenance.

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