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Blooming Artificial top picks: best flowers for birthdays

Sarah Customer service manager 🌺

Are you struggling to find the perfect floral gift? Or simply, are you just not sure where to start? Don't worry!

In this article, we explore popular flowers for birthdays, flower meanings and much more!

Artificial harmony bouquet on wooden kitchen island

Whether you're gifting flowers to your parents, a loved one or even a friend, it's fair to say there's nothing more meaningful than receiving some beautiful florals on your birthday.

From grand bouquets, exploding with colour, to simple, yet elegant bunches, we'll help you choose the perfect florals to gift someone on their special day.

Artificial amethyst bouquet on wooden kitchen island in cement vase

The tradition of gifting flowers

Is it okay to gift someone flowers for their birthday? The short answer is yes - and we have been for centuries!

Throughout history, flowers have been used to mark important milestones. The act of gifting birthday flowers has been believed to have originated in ancient times, where the gift of florals was shown to symbolise celebration, beauty, good fortune and love.

Popular birthday flowers

When picking the right florals for someone's special day, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, as there is no definitive right answer to what makes one flower better than another. Thankfully, we are happy to help, breaking down everything from flower type to colour, to ensure your floral gift stands out for all the right reasons.

Sarah, our artificial plant expert, suggests gifting sweet williams...

Sweet williams are my personal favourite because they have a real country cottage feel to them - they're also a symbol of gratitude and admiration!

- Sarah, artificial plant expert.
Faux yellow sensational bouquet in pink bedroom

Birth month flowers

Adding their birth flower to a bunch or bouquet can make a simple, birthday floral arrangement even more special and sentimental.

Here is our list of birth month flowers...

January: Carnation - love, fascination, distinction. Learn more about January birth flowers in our dedicated blog.

February: Violet - loyalty, faithfulness, wisdom. Learn more about February birth flowers in our dedicated blog.

March: Daffodil - renewal, positivity, new beginnings. 

April: Daisy - innocence, purity, simplicity.

May: Lily of the Valley - sweetness, humility, return to happiness. 

June: Rose - love, beauty, passion. 

July: Larkspur - positivity, dignity, love. 

August: Gladiolus - strength, integrity, infatuation. 

September: Aster - wisdom, love, royalty. 

October: Marigold - fierce love, passion, creativity. 

November: Chrysanthemum - loyalty, joy, longevity. 

December: Narcissus - faithfulness, good wishes, respect. 

Want to learn more about birth flowers and their meanings? Our blog on birth flowers & artificial alternatives details everything you need to know about birth flower types, the symbolism behind each flower, and some fantastic faux alternatives!

Artificial medallion calathea on wooden desk in pink office

Gifting couldn't be easier!

Explore our range of indoor and outdoor gifts. From delicate artificial arrangements to vibrant hanging baskets, we're sure to have the perfect faux florals for you!

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What flowers shouldn't be given on birthdays?

Although there is no 'right' answer to what makes the best flowers for birthdays, there are some flowers which should be avoided.

Yellow Carnations

Carnations can be a lovely feature to any bunch or bouquet, however the cheery-looking yellow carnation doesn't have the happiest of meanings. Yellow carnations symbolise rejection and disappointment and are often bought in times of sadness. Thankfully, the other colour variants have more positive meanings; such as, pink carnations representing gratitude, and white carnations representing purity and loyalty.

Orange Lilies

The exotic orange lily can symbolise good energy and confidence, however they also have connotations of pride and deep hatred. Instead, we suggest opting for a bright yellow lily, like our exotic artificial calla lily, symbolising positivity, joy and friendship!

Black Roses

Black roses should typically be avoided at all costs as a gift to someone - no matter the occasion. Black roses are traditionally associated with mourning, loss and deep sadness. If your recipient enjoys darker colours, we suggest opting for a deep purple rose which symbolises adoration, recognition of success, and a sense of wonderment.

Should you give roses for birthdays?

Roses are often associated with Valentines Day, passion and love - but that doesn't mean they can't be incorporated into a birthday bouquet! If you're buying birthday flowers for your spouse, then you may choose to add a splash of romance with red roses, whereas if you're buying for a family member, you may opt for a pink rose which suggests admiration, happiness, and love.

Purple vanda orchid on wooden table

Which colour flower is best for birthdays?

One of the easiest ways to ensure your recipient is over the moon with their birthday arrangement, is to choose flowers in their favourite colour! If you don't know their favourite colour, we suggest considering them as a person, their likes and their interests.

Peonies are beautiful flowers and they come in so many different colours. They also symbolise happiness and good fortune, whereas sunflowers can bring a smile to anyone's face.

- Sarah, artificial plant expert.

Someone who is bold, adventurous and energetic would likely appreciate a vibrant, warm-toned birthday arrangement, like our Bahama mama bouquet or our Hawaiian bunch, whereas someone of a calmer demeanour may prefer more subtle colours and styles, like our pretty pastels bouquet or our enchanting bunch.

Did you know colours themselves have meanings too? Warmer tones; such as, reds, oranges, pinks and yellows convey a sense happiness, energy and passion; whereas cooler tones, like greens and blues, portray a sense of calm, peace and relaxation. To learn more about colour meanings in floristry, take a look at our blog on the meaning and psychology of flower colours.

How many flowers do you give for a birthday?

Although there is no fixed amount on how many stems someone should receive on their birthday, it's always quite a nice idea to have the quantity of stems in your arrangement mirror the age the recipient has just turned.

As well as considering the receiver's birth flower and the message you want to send, it's still important to consider who you are gifting to and how close you are to the recipient.

If you're after a gift for a colleague, friend or distant family member, keep the arrangement small but sweet. This will show that you care, without the worry of suggesting anything more. Whereas, if you're gifting to a close family member, spouse or friend, opt for something more grand, like a birthday bouquet.

Artificial elegance bouquet on wooden dining table

Beautiful & timeless bouquets

Want a beautiful bouquet that lasts the test of time? We have you covered! From traditional to tropical, our artificial bouquets look effortlessly beautiful, year after year.

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Our top flowers for birthdays

Sometimes gifting can feel like an impossible task and choosing the best birthday flowers can definitely be challenging. At some point we all wish we could just shift the mental load of choosing the right gift onto someone else... that's where we step-in. Here are our top flower arrangements for birthdays!

Birthday flowers for different recipients

Birthday flowers for a friend or colleague

Nothing says happiness and sunshine quite like sunflowers! Opting for a yellow sunflower not only symbolises friendship, but also goodness, truth and timelessness. And what's more timeless than a bouquet that won't ever die? Our lazy days bouquet features stunning yellow sunflowers, large cream delphiniums and trailing clematis.

sunflower bouquet on side table
Lazy days bouquet

Birthday flowers for Mum

Celebrate her beauty on her special day with the equally beautiful cabbage rose. This delicate flower is considered an 'ambassador of love', making it the perfect choice for mothers and grandmothers. Our harmony bouquet is comprised of elegant pink cabbage roses, classic eucalyptus and whimsical gypsophilia.

Artificial harmony bouquet on wooden kitchen island
Harmony bouquet

Birthday flowers for Dad

It's becoming less and less uncommon to gift men flowers for their birthdays - gone are the days of men missing out on nature! Instead of a bouquet, you can opt for flowering plants, like our office-friendly agapanthus or outdoor florals like our wonderful summer garden window box. If in doubt, eucalyptus is symbolic of strength and protection - perfect for Dad!

Artificial foliage bouquet in white ceramic vase on wooden side table
Fauxliage bouquet

Birthday flowers for a special someone

You can't go wrong with a traditional lily and rose combo! A mix of pinks, reds and whites display love, affection and purity. Go grand and go elegant with our artificial elegance bouquet. Featuring ornate white lilies, a combination of blush pink and true pink roses and timeless bay foliage. This bouquet is sure to be the best gift of all on their special day.

Artificial elegance bouquet on wooden dining table
Elegance bouquet
Artificial red geranium patio flower tubs on stone steps

Bring the colour outside!

Who said flowers were just for indoors? Transform your space into a floral paradise with our outdoor hanging baskets, window boxes and more!

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