Birth flowers & artificial alternatives

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Ever wondered what your birth month flower says about you? Delve into the flowers, symbolism and personality traits associated with each month of the year.

What is a birth flower & what are their meanings? 

Did you know that each month of the year is associated with a particular bloom, known as the birth month flower? Each flower is believed to convey unique traits and messages, offering a glimpse into the personalities of those born during it. And, whilst these associations are largely based on cultural and historical interpretations, it's still good fun to explore what your birth flower might say about you or your loved one.  

The tradition of assigning specific flowers to each birth month can also add a touch of personalisation and thoughtfulness to gift-giving, so why not give it a go?  

Are birth flowers & zodiac flowers the same? 

Although similar, birth month flowers are more closely tied to the time of year and cultural traditions, while zodiac flowers are linked to astrological signs and the specific dates of an individual's birth within the zodiac calendar. Both concepts offer unique perspectives on the symbolic connections between nature and human characteristics. 

How are birth month flowers decided? 

Certain flowers have historical and cultural significance in various societies. Over time, these associations have been linked to specific months, creating a tradition of birth month flowers. 

Flowers also often carry symbolic meanings associated with qualities such as love, beauty, loyalty, or purity. The choice of a particular flower for a birth month may be based on the symbolic attributes that align with the characteristics of that month. 

Then there’s availability and blooming seasons. Some birth month flowers may be chosen based on their availability and blooming seasons during a specific month. For example, flowers that bloom in spring or summer may be associated with months during those seasons. 

Finally, mythological stories and folklore can influence the selection of birth month flowers. In some cases, flowers are named after characters from mythology, and their association with a particular month is established through storytelling. 

How do I find my birth month flower?  

We’ve compiled a birth flower chart below to help you discover which flowers belong to which month.  

birth flowers overview graphic

January - Carnation: 

  • Symbolism: Love, fascination, distinction. 

  • Personality Traits: Resilient, genuine, and distinguished. 

Nothing says love quite like a rose and our pretty, pink artificial cabbage rose is the perfect alternative to the carnation, whilst still embodying all the symbolism associated with it.  

Learn more about January birth flowers in our dedicated blog here.

feb birth month

February - Violet: 

  • Symbolism: Loyalty, faithfulness, wisdom. 

  • Personality Traits: Gentle, wise, and loyal. 

Looking for that perfect purple hued gift for your February loved one? Why not discover our artificial lisianthus stems or stunning lilac bunch. 

March birth flowers blog post tile image

March - Daffodil: 

  • Symbolism: Renewal, positivity, new beginnings. 

  • Personality Traits: Optimistic, joyful, and resilient. 

Yellow flowers are often associated with new beginnings and the dawn of spring. Luckily for you, we have plenty to choose from. For an extra special gift, why not consider our stunning spring bouquet, bursting with orange and yellow hues.  

April birth month flowers

April - Daisy: 

  • Symbolism: Innocence, purity, simplicity.

  • Personality Traits: Genuine, cheerful, and down-to-earth. 

You can find all of our daisy inspired arrangements here.

Birth flower for May

May - Lily of the Valley:

  • Symbolism: Sweetness, humility, return to happiness. 

  • Personality Traits: Graceful, humble, and romantic. 

We have a variety of pretty white artificial blossoms and blooms perfect for adding a Lily of the Valley touch to your bouquet. Select from artificial blossom stems, artificial cosmos, and artificial white viburnum. 

June birth month flowers

June - Rose: 

  • Symbolism: Love, beauty, passion. 

  • Personality Traits: Romantic, passionate, and graceful. 

Many of our beautiful artificial arrangements include roses, explore our full artificial roses range here.

July - Larkspur: 

  • Symbolism: Positivity, dignity, love. 

  • Personality Traits: Optimistic, dignified, and loving 

Our bold and vivid purple larkspur flower spray is a stunning addition to any bouquet, real or faux. For a ready crafted arrangement, explore our artificial amethyst bouquet.  

August - Gladiolus: 

  • Symbolism: Strength, integrity, infatuation. 

  • Personality Traits: Strong-willed, honest, and passionate. 

Create a stunning artificial bouquet for your August loved ones with our artificial delphinium and larkspur stems Similar to the gladiolus in height and interest, they make a great gift for our late summer loved ones.  

September - Aster: 

  • Symbolism: Wisdom, love, royalty. 

  • Personality Traits: Wise, loving, and regal. 

If you’re looking for a gift fit for a king or queen, then why not discover our artificial regal bouquet? With all the symbolism of the aster flower in a luxurious bouquet, it’s the perfect present for our September loved ones.  

October - Marigold: 

  • Symbolism: Fierce love, passion, creativity. 

  • Personality Traits: Passionate, creative, and warm-hearted. 

Explore our huge range of joyous yellow flowers. From artificial pincushion stems to our extravagant artificial sensational bouquet, you’re sure to find that perfect sunshine gift! 

November - Chrysanthemum:  

  • Symbolism: Loyalty, joy, longevity. 

  • Personality Traits: Loyal, joyful, and enduring. 

For that special gift for your autumnal loved one, why not discover our huge range of artificial patio tubs and flowering bushes?  

December - Narcissus: 

  • Symbolism: Faithfulness, good wishes, respect. 

  • Personality Traits: Faithful, respectful, and optimistic. 

A well-loved symbol of summer, the sunflower displays all the symbolism of the Narcissus. Vibrant yellow petals are sure to bring joy to even the very depths of midwinter. Celebrate this loved one with our artificial lazy days bouquet. 

Does every month have two flowers? 

In some cases, there may be variations or alternative lists that suggest different flowers for the same month. However, the most widely recognized and accepted tradition usually involves a single birth month flower for each month of the year. That’s not to say that you can’t  

Whilst birthdays and months can feel fleeting, your gift needn’t be. By selecting a faux plant or arrangements, you can give a present that lasts up to 50 times longer than shop bought arrangements. Simply explore the range to find that perfect, long-lasting gift.  

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