Artificial daisies

Cousins of the sunflower, daises give the same level of cheer as their big yellow relatives and work perfectly in any interior style due to their subtle white blooms. Unlike the real thing, our elegant faux daisy stems won’t leave you sniffling with hay fever or cleaning up fallen petals, just beautiful, gentle colour that lasts. 🌼

Choose from stunning single artificial daisy stems to larger arrangements like our charming meadow bouquet.

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In need of some colour? Our pre-made faux bouquets are perfect for breathing new life into any space - and they make great gifts too!


Everything you need to know

Our faux daisies are beautiful and timeless, making them the perfect addition to any home.

Featuring delicate cotton white flowers realistic green stems, our artificial daisies are available in our spring bouquet, meadow bouquet or as individual stems.

Found the perfect daisies? Check out our vases!

Currently, all our faux daisies are indoor use only.

Our outdoor products are treated to be UV resistant and designed to withstand outdoor conditions, such as harmful sun exposure.

Want to know more about UV resistance? Take a look at our What is UV resistance & why does it matter? article!

Our artificial plants are made from high quality, durable materials like polyethylene plastic, steel, natural wood, polyester and latex. This may seem like an eccentric mix, but each has a specific purpose to ensure the plant looks natural and has a long life.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

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