January birth flowers & what they symbolise

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Treat a loved one born in January to a floral gift perfectly suited to their unique traits, when you discover the birth flowers of the year.

Similar to gemstones, each month of the year boasts a designated bloom, each with its unique significance. In January, dual birth flowers take the spotlight, each carrying its own unique symbolism —the carnation and the snowdrop.  

Carnations, widely employed in weddings, corsages, and mixed arrangements, stand out as one of the most prevalent commercial flowers. On the other hand, snowdrops may not be as common in bouquets, but their delicate blossoms make a notable appearance in late winter and early spring, emerging as some of the first flowers to bloom. 

What does the carnation symbolise? 

A well-loved garden favourite, the carnation stands proudly as one of January's birth flowers.  

In ancient times, carnations were mainly found in pale pink and peach hues. However, as time has progressed, the spectrum of available colours has expanded significantly. Today, carnations come in a diverse range of colours, encompassing shades such as red, yellow, white, orange, purple, and green. Additionally, there are bi-coloured and frosted varieties that contribute to the rich palette of these blooms. Similar to roses, the various colours of carnations carry distinct meanings, as outlined below. 

  • Pale Red: Admiration

  • Deep Crimson: Profound Love  

  • Pure White: Innocence, Pure Love, Remembrance  

  • Soft Pink: Affection, Maternal Love  

  • Lavender: Capriciousness 

  • Bright Yellow: Disappointment, Rejection  

  • Striped (any hue): Regret 

In some cultures, carnations are believed to bring good fortune and protection from negative energies.  

What do snowdrops symbolise?  

Often peeking through the snow-covered landscapes, snowdrops symbolise hope, rebirth, and the promise of spring. Their dainty white petals, resembling drops of pristine snow, add an enchanting touch to the winter scenery. 

As the first flowers to bloom in the year, Snowdrops herald the end of winter's chill and the beginning of a new cycle. These flowers are a poignant reminder that, even in the coldest months, life persists beneath the surface, ready to unfurl with the arrival of warmer days. 

In various cultures, Snowdrops have been associated with purity and the purification of the soul. 

Celebrating January birthdays with florals 

Whether you're celebrating your own January birthday or honouring a loved one born in this month, the carnation and the snowdrop offer captivating choices for floral expression. Consider crafting a bouquet that combines the vibrant allure of carnations with the delicate hopefulness of Snowdrops, creating a meaningful arrangement that reflects the unique qualities of January's birth flowers. 

Incorporating birth flowers into celebrations adds a layer of thoughtfulness and personal connection to the festivities and gift giving.   

Blooming Artificial alternatives to January blooms 

Of course, there’s no need to feel compelled to stick only to January’s two official blooms. In fact, there are many ways to incorporate the symbolism and traits of each month into your gift giving.  

Roses are a great way to express all forms of love, from maternal to romantic. Explore our huge range of artificial roses including our cabbage rose stem to our wild rose stem. Looking for a ready-made bouquet? Then why not check out our pretty pastels bouquet or our rosa bunch.  

Whilst the dainty bell like blooms of the snow drop are lovely, they can be hard to come by in artificial form. If you’re looking for a gift to ring in the new year, then there are plenty of other flowers that are associated with renewal and hope. The cornflower for instance, has acquired various symbolic meanings. The vibrant blue hue, reminiscent of a tranquil sky, can symbolise clarity, tranquillity, and hope. 

The vivid and joyous sunflower, is a staple of the summertime garden and said to be associated with hope. You can find our range of sunflowers here. 

Birth flower type by month graphic
Birth flowers by month

And there we have it – our top tips for celebrating those born in January! Wondering what your birth flower is? Discover more information in our blog post birth month flowers & artificial alternatives.