The meaning and psychology of flower colours

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In this blog we combine both colour psychology and traditional gifting ideas to help you select stunning blooms fitting for a particular occasion.

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For many centuries, the language of flowers has held significance across the world. Flower and plant symbolism can even be found woven into the mythologies, folklore, sonnets, and plays of ancient Greeks! By the 1800s, discovering the unique symbolism of flowers was a popular pastime with virtually every Victorian household possessing guidebooks dedicated to unravelling the "language" of flowers.  

In recent years, there has been a huge advancement in colour psychology and the impact of hues on human behaviour. 

Essentially, colour psychology is an integral part of colour theory, forming emotional and psychological links between colours and human emotions.

What do different colour symbolise?

We’ll be going into more detail on specific colours below, and whilst some of these associations have universal significance, others are culturally influenced, reflecting specific meanings within particular societies. We’ll be delving into which colours signify friendship or love and even which floral colours represent good luck! 

The meaning of colours on the left side of the colour wheel

The vibrant hues of reds, oranges and yellows found on the left side of the colour wheel evoke the warmth of the sun and the intensity of fire. Opting for flower arrangements in these shades can convey a sense of comfort, akin to the soothing rays of the sun.

What is the meaning of the colour red?

The colour red commands the utmost attention and is linked with powerful emotions, notably love and passion. Universally recognised as the symbol of eternal love, red holds a significant place in conveying deep and enduring affection. Beyond its romantic connotations, red is a robust colour that conveys strength, power and courage in various aspects of life. Looking to express the gift of love? Fall in love with our rosa arrangement. Elegant and timeless, our artificial rosa bunch serves as the ideal choice for those who revel in romantic sentiments.

What is the meaning of the colour orange?

Orange exudes vibrancy and boldness. Unsurprisingly, gifting a bouquet of orange flowers signifies joy, warmth and happiness. Whether combined with other colours or presented on its own, an orange bouquet radiates with life and excitement. Those with passionate spirits in your life will instantly connect with the energy of our tequila sunrise arrangement

What is the meaning of the colour yellow?

Yellow is primarily linked with spreading happiness and joy, serving as the perfect colour to symbolise friendship. Bright and cheery, yellow flowers, such as sunflowers, daisies, tulips, roses and lilies, have the power to uplift someone's day and you can do just that by gifting them our artificial lazy days bouquet.  

What is the meaning of the colour pink? 

Pink flowers embody grace, gentility, and happiness. Whether in the form of tight, small buds like those of a pink garden rose or the delicate, open petals of a fully bloomed pink peony, these blossoms consistently convey a sense of youth, innocence and platonic love.  

Brimming with the blushing blooms of pretty faux hydrangeas and roses, our pink passion bunch is a joyful way to show someone you care.  

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The meaning of colours on the right side of the colour wheel

In contrast to the left side of the colour wheel, the right encompasses cool greens, blues, indigos and violets and are reminiscent of earth and water. 

What is the meaning of the colour blue?

These tones impart a refreshing and calming effect, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity. Cool colours are often associated with qualities such as health, wisdom, mystery and a sense of peacefulness. A bouquet featuring fresh blue flowers provides a soothing remedy for anxiety. Purple and blue hues combine to create our stunning artificial tranquil bunch. An ideal gesture to present someone with a moment of peaceful tranquillity. 

What is the meaning of the colour green?

In nature, the colour green and green flowers are linked to themes of rebirth and renewal. Moreover, green symbolises good fortune and youthfulness. Surrounding yourself with the myriad of green plants available can evoke these positive feelings and create a sense of vitality and well-being. 

A mix of lush green foliage that’ll lift the spirit and add a touch of calm elegance to any room, our artificial fauxliage bouquet is the ultimate example of floral zen.  

What is the meaning of the colour purple?

Rooted in royalty and ceremonial traditions, purple flowers symbolise dignity, pride and success. Whether showcased independently in a striking array of opulent shades or blended with other colours to enhance depth and contrast, a bouquet brimming with purple blooms signifies achievement and admiration. 

Drawing inspiration from the crystal of the same name, renowned for its serene properties, our faux amethyst bouquet features soothing lilacs, along with serene pink and white roses. 

What is the meaning of the colour lavender?

While purple signifies royalty and pink embodies youth, lavender represents femininity in its mature form. Lavender flowers symbolise refinement, grace and elegance. Lavender holds an almost sacred status in nature, with violet flowers often regarded as the most delicate and precious. An arrangement brimming with these gentle blossoms conveys a message of feminine beauty. For a feminine touch to your garden or entrance, discover our lavender and  starflower hanging basket.  

What is the meaning of the colour white?

Traditionally incorporated in bridal bouquets or memorial services, white flowers hold a spectrum of meanings from purity and innocence to sympathy. Often associated with innocence, humility and reverence, white flowers evoke a sense of simple beauty as our charming enchanting bunch perfectly demonstrates.  

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Whilst knowing the symbolism of flower colours isn't essential for gifting blooms, this understanding can add significance to your arrangements. To discover the full range of blooms available at Blooming Artificial explore our floral bouquets and bunches.  

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