10 best & most popular flowers for weddings

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What are the best flowers for weddings? Find out which flowers are the most popular, what each one symbolises and which colours are the most popular below!

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Are you dreaming of a picture-perfect wedding day filled with stunning blooms that never wilt or fade? Well, you're in luck!

In today's blog post, we're diving into the best faux flowers for weddings. There's been a growing trend for artificial wedding bouquets in recent years, with the price and seasonality of real florals all acting as deterrents from keeping it real.Β Β 

From timeless classics to trendy favourites, we'll explore our top faux picks that'll make your special day bloom-tastic. So, grab your coffee and wedding binder, get cosy, and let's uncover the secrets to creating the wedding decor and bouquet of your dreams - with a little help from our faux floral friends! 🌸

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The history of wedding flowers

First, let's dive into the fascinating history of wedding flowers!Β 

Flowers have always been the ultimate wedding accessory. They weren't just there to look pretty - they symbolised love, fertility, and, according to some cultures, even kept those pesky evil spirits at bay. Fast forward to the Middle Ages, and brides were carrying fragrant bouquets to mask any not-so-pleasant smells and ward off diseases. Plus, each wedding flower type had its own special meaning, like roses for love and lilies for purity. It was like a secret language of flowers, and everyone was in on it!Β 

Then came Queen Victoria and her lavish floral displays in Victorian England. She basically made flowers at weddings the hottest trend ever. And let's not forget about the "language of flowers" - where each bloom had a hidden message. You can read more about this in our blog β€œthe meaning and psychology of flowers”!Β Β 

The 10 best & most popular flowers for weddings

  1. Roses: In ancient civilisations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome, roses were associated with goddesses of love and were commonly used in ceremonies, including weddings.

  2. Peonies: In ancient cultures, peonies were revered as symbols of wealth, honour, and prosperity.Β 

  3. Hydrangeas: In Japan, hydrangeas have long been associated with gratitude, heartfelt emotions, and the changing seasons.

  4. Calla Lilies: In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the calla lily was associated with the goddess Hera and was believed to symbolise fertility and purity.

  5. Tulips: In the 17th century, tulips were so highly valued that they sparked a phenomenon known as "tulip mania," where tulip bulbs were traded at exorbitant prices and considered a status symbol among the wealthy elite.

  6. Orchids: In ancient civilisations such as China and Japan, orchids were prized for their rare and delicate blooms and were often featured in elaborate ceremonies and celebrations, including weddings.

  7. Ranunculus: In Greek mythology, the ranunculus was associated with the nymph Ranunculus, who was said to have been transformed into a flower by the god of love, Eros.

  8. Gardenias: In Japanese folklore, gardenias were believed to bring good luck and were often included in wedding ceremonies to bless the union with happiness and prosperity.

  9. Baby's Breath: Throughout history, baby's breath has continued to be a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions. Its versatility and affordability made it a favourite among florists and brides alike.Β 

  10. Lavender: During the Middle Ages, lavender became associated with love and romance, with tales of knights and maidens using lavender to express their affection and devotion.

Artificial summer shades bouquet in white jug

Artificial wedding flowers & plants πŸ’

Explore artificial wedding flowers and plants for your big day including topiary, bouquets, and flower stems to make your own arrangements!

Shop faux wedding flowers

What colour is most often used for wedding flowers?Β 

When it comes to wedding blooms, there are a few colours that steal the show time and time again.

Think dreamy whites, romantic blush pinks, and timeless cream! They're versatile, elegant, and oh-so-dreamy, making them the top picks for brides and grooms looking to add a touch of romance to their big day. So, if you're thinking about decking out your wedding in blooms, you can't go wrong with these classic hues.

Plus, here's the best part: these timeless blooms go with everything. Whether you're rocking a bold colour scheme or keeping it classic, light-coloured blooms are your ride-or-die. They're like the ultimate wingman for your bridal style and theme, adding that extra touch of elegance and simplicity to your big day.Β 

But hey, let’s not forget about the wedding trendsetters!Β 

Blooming Artificial faux twilight bouquet in white stone vase with pink velvet chair

Sure, classic whites and soft pastels are always lovely, but why not spice things up a bit with some bright wedding flowers? Think bold and vibrant hues like deep burgundy, rich yellow and rusty tones or even pops of electric blue (we’re looking at you, hydrangeas). These statement colours add a dose of personality and pizzazz to your wedding dΓ©cor, making your floral arrangements truly unforgettable.Β Β 

So go ahead, dare to be different, and let your faux flowers steal the spotlight in all their vibrant glory!

If you'd like more tips on choosing the perfect wedding flowers, read our wedding bouquet tips and ideas.

Artificial yellow lazy days sunflower bouquet in cement vase in blue interior

Do different wedding flowers have different meanings?

Did you know that your choice of blooms can say a lot about your personality and style? It's like letting your flowers do the talking! Check out these fun interpretations:Β 
Roses: Classic and romantic, they scream timeless elegance. Perfect for those who love tradition and all things romantic.Β 

Calla lilies: Sleek, modern, and oh-so-sophisticated. They're for the bride who's all about that minimalist chic vibe.Β 

Hydrangeas: Dreamy and whimsical, they're like a page out of a vintage fairy tale. Ideal for brides with a soft spot for romance and nostalgia.Β 

Orchids: Exotic and elegant, they bring a touch of luxury to your big day. Perfect for the bride who's all about that VIP treatment.Β 

Sunflowers: Bright, cheerful, and full of sunshine! They're for the laid-back bride who's all about spreading joy and good vibes.Β 

Tulips: Fresh, vibrant, and oh-so-stylish. They're perfect for the modern bride who's all about new beginnings and chic simplicity, especially for spring weddings!Β 

Lavender: Rustic, charming, and oh-so-calming. Ideal for brides who love nature and crave a serene, down-to-earth vibe.Β 

Remember, your wedding flowers are like your floral fingerprint - totally unique to you and your love story. So, go ahead and pick the blooms that speak to your heart and make your big day unforgettable!Β 

Artificial foliage bouquet in white ceramic vase on wooden side table

The best artificial flowers for a wedding bouquet throughout the seasonsΒ 

So, you've decided to go the faux floral route for your big day - smart choice! No need to stress about seasonal limitations. But hey, if you're aiming for that oh-so-authentic vibe in your bouquet, it's worth considering what's blooming naturally each season. Here are some handy tips to keep your wedding bouquet looking fresh and fab all year round:

Psst... Our blog on birth month flowers might also come in handy...Β 


Tulips: These babies come in all sorts of colours and scream new beginningsβ€”perfect for those springtime "I do's"!Β 


Sunflowers: Bright, cheerful, and full of sunshine! They're like a ray of happiness in your summer wedding bouquet.

Hydrangeas: These fluffy beauties are ideal for creating those lush, romantic vibes you're after.Β 


Roses: Think deep, rich colours that exude warmth and romance - just what you need for those cosy fall weddings.Β 


Evergreen foliage: Bay, eucalyptus, and fern sprays are your go-to for adding that wintry texture and scent to your bouquet, making them the best flowers for a winter wedding.

And hey, for even more inspo, why not swing by our inspiration gallery and blogΒ Β 

We can’t wait to help you find or create your perfect faux wedding bouquet.Β Β 

Here's to happy planning and an even happier wedding day!

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