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Artificial Paradise Palm Tree
From: £35.99 inc VAT From: £39.99 inc VAT
Artificial Cheese Plant
From: £56.99 inc VAT
Artificial Cycas
From: £59.99 inc VAT
Artificial Dracaena Marginata
From: £37.79 inc VAT From: £41.99 inc VAT
Artificial Fan Palm
From: £41.99 inc VAT
Artificial Robellini Palm
From: £91.99 inc VAT
Artificial Parlour Palm
From: £71.99 inc VAT
Artificial Kenya Palm
From: £94.99 inc VAT
Artificial Autumn Dracaena
From: £51.99 inc VAT
Artificial Lotus Tree
From: £79.99 inc VAT
Artificial Banana Tree
From: £59.99 inc VAT

Distinctive tropical palm plants

Our artificial palm trees are extremely realistic and designed to be botanically accurate. The silk leaves, commonly referred to as fronds, are delicate to the touch but are reinforce with polyester and wire. This also means that each leaf is malleable so you can create a totally unique look.

Not only do we spend time making sure that our artificial palm trees achieve brilliantly realistic features, but we also keep an eye on our prices to make sure that we are competitive. We use a range of suppliers to find the finest artificial foliage, manufacturing processes and most importantly, the best prices for our customers.

What to do when your artificial palm tree arrives

Your artificial palm tree will arrive securely in a narrow box to prevent movement and potential damage while the product is in transit. This means that when your palm arrives, the leaves will be near enough upright. This can be slightly unnerving however you do not need to panic. Spend some time bending the fronds out until you are happy with the appearance.

We have a quick how to guide showing how to arrange the fronds here (opens in a new tab).

Next, we recommend replanting the palm into a larger decorative plant pot. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, all of our palms come in a basic black travel pot. It’s not the nicest thing to look at and is really designed as a base for the tree’s stems. Adding a larger plant pot provides the perfect finishing touches to your palm tree while dramatically improving the stability.

You can view our potting guide here (opens in a new tab).

Caring for your fake palm tree

Buy a faux palm is a quick and easy way to have a fantastic tropical plant in your home and office. One of the best perks is that you don’t need to worry about maintaining it. Feeding them, getting the climate just right and watering them just enough are all crucial yet incredible difficult.

Fortunately, artificial palms require none of the fuss. To keep them looking fresh, simply give them a quick dust as part of your normal cleaning routine.

For more information on cleaning artificial plants, visit our cleaning guide (opens in a new tab).

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