The top 10 houseplants for 2022 and how to style them

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We’ve analysed our data from the last 12 months to find out which are the most popular indoor plants, helping you decide how to add some more greenery into your home without worrying if you have enough light for them to survive!

Top 10 houseplants for 2022 - blog post by Blooming Artificial

As you well know, all of us spent a lot more time indoors in 2020 and 2021. This gave people more opportunity to decorate their homes and pick up new hobbies – including caring for houseplants. In fact, searches for ‘houseplants’ on Google increased by an incredible 600% over the past two years. 

 However, not everyone is green-fingered or has the time to nurture for each of their #PlantBabies. Thankfully, the team at Blooming Artificial has got you covered. We’ve analysed our data from the last 12 months to find out which are the most popular indoor plants, helping you decide how to add some more greenery into your home without worrying if you have enough light for them to survive! 


Let’s take a look at the top 10 houseplants. 

 Top 10 indoor plants for 2022 

  1. Fern hanging bush 

  1. Oriental bamboo  

  1. Ivy foliage bush 

  1. Paradise palm 

  1. Ficus tree 

  1. Ivy garland 

  1. Boston fern 

  1. Natural bamboo 

  1. Jasmin hanging bush  

  1. Bamboo hanging bush 

Artificial fern hanging bush info - blog post by Blooming Artificial

1. Fern hanging bush 

While #HousePlantsOfInstagram became one of the most popular plant-related hashtags on the platform with almost 3 million posts, #HangingPlants and #Fern have generated 1.8 million posts between them. 

The Fern was our top-selling plant throughout 2021. It’s a classic, leafy plant that can create beautiful, elegant cascades across your home. We suggest styling the plant on top of a bookshelf, floating shelf or mantlepiece to create a green statement to your living room or office. 

As natural Ferns love humid conditions, so your fuss-free replica will look right at home in the bathroom. 


2. Oriental bamboo 

Our Oriental Bamboo is another of our bestsellers, and the plants are so popular that the hashtag #Bamboo has been used over 4.4 million times on Instagram. Bamboo plants are known for bringing zen to your home, creating a calming atmosphere. They’re also thought to be very lucky! Used to improve feng shui, you can create a spa-like environment in your home with our realistic multi-tone green leaves and real bamboo canes. 

As bamboo can thrive indoors and outdoors, our versatile Oriental Bamboo looks great in either – making it suitable for those who love to regularly change up their homes. 


3. Ivy foliage bush 

Ivy leaves have a remarkable shape, and for many are reminiscent of the English countryside. They’re often the foliage found adorned across the walls of grand estates. In that vein, we love creating a sense of traditional cottage interiors when styling ivy. Try pairing it with antique furniture and treasured trinkets. 

The plant’s popularity is growing, with 1.8 million posts featuring #Ivy on Instagram. As the plant is naturally very wild, it’s easy to style – just separate the vines with your fingers or use cable ties to create your desired shape. 


4. Paradise palm 

If a calming spa or traditional interiors aren’t your vibe, then why not go for something tropical? The paradise palm can be a striking feature in any environment – whether it’s styled with bright colours and gold hardware or becomes the single focal point in a minimalist home. 

Our palm tree comes in multiple sizes, giving you plenty of choice for the space you’re working with. With its wide foliage, the plant can easily make an impression and dominate that empty gap you’ve been meaning to fill. Everyone has become increasingly infatuated with the palm, from interior prints such as wallpaper and tea towels to introducing the plant itself into your home. In fact, Google searches for “fake palm tree” have skyrocketed, having increased by 250% since December 2019. 


Faux ficus tree info - blog post by Blooming Artificial

5. Ficus tree 

While a softer tree compared to the palm, the ficus tree can still make a statement in the corner of any room. We think the ficus, also known as the weeping fig or Benjamin fig, is one of our best sellers due to its simple, traditional appearance and its ability to match a range of home interiors. 

We have three different sizes and two colourways to choose from. Will you choose deep green or the variegated cream-edged leaves? Whichever you pick, you won’t be the only one introducing a ficus tree into your home – there has been a 140% increase in searches for “fig leaf plant” on Google since before the pandemic. 


 6. Ivy garland 

An ivy garland is an affordable way to add some greenery into your home. No wonder they’re so popular! The garland can provide a similar cottage-chic feeling as the foliage bush but provides extra flexibility. Wrap it around beams in the living room, dining room or kitchen, or utilise it in your outdoor space by attaching it to a trellis or pergola. 

The hashtag #Garland has been used in more than 1 million Instagram posts, while Google searches for the term have increased by 110% over the past few years. 


7. Boston fern 

It’s no surprise that Boston fern is so popular, as this small plant packs a punch. Comprising vibrant and full leaves, you can place the fern on any side table, desk or shelf to instantly add texture and greenery – without taking up too much space. 

This plant has been popular in the UK since the Victorian era and interest has continued to increase, with search volume for “Boston fern indoor” growing by 110% since December 2019.  

However, the real deal can be difficult to care for, as it requires very specific conditions to flourish. We suggest you avoid the hassle and invest in our artificial fern! 


8. Natural bamboo 

If you’re interested in exploring the calming atmosphere that bamboo brings to the home but aren’t a fan of oriental bamboo, why not introduce natural bamboo to your home? 

The natural bamboo offers lighter tones of greens, bringing brightness and warmth to any room. Whether you place it in the dining room or bedroom, this versatile greenery will help introduce a (faux) natural element to your home. 

We suggest styling your plant in a natural material, such as a woven or wicker pot, to enhance the natural elements. 


9. Jasmine hanging bush 

Similar to our hanging fern, the Jasmine plant can create impact, elegantly trailing down the furniture in your home. If you prefer the aesthetic and texture of smaller leaves in your bushy plants, this is the right choice for you. 

Interest in this plant has flourished over the last two years, with 200% more searches for “jasmine house plant” and 190% more for “climbing jasmine plant”. 

The jasmine hanging bush would also work beautifully outdoors in a hanging basket on your porch – the perfect welcome for your friends and family.  


10. Bamboo hanging bush 

Clearly, bamboo is incredibly popular at the moment, with this plant marking its third entry into our top 10 and rounding off our 2022 list. After a tough few years, it’s no surprise that people want to improve their home’s feng shui and add tranquillity to their environment.  

If you’ve not got the room for a bamboo tree, this smaller hanging bush is a great alternative. The plant can cascade from any shelving unit, or you can wrap it around itself to remain in the plant pot, looking lovely atop a desk.  


 If you’re still after inspiration on how to style these plants in your home, check out the most Instagramed décor trends for more inspiration. 

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