How to achieve the calming nature of Japandi styling

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Japandi styling is all about bringing a sense of calm and warmth into your home, you can do this by decluttering and styling traditional Japanese plants.

Japandi desktop styling - blog post by Blooming Artificial

How to achieve the calming nature of Japandi styling 

Japandi is one of the most popular interior design trends of the moment. With 77,465 Instagram posts and counting – an 80% increase in posts since 2020 – the #Japandi craze has no signs of slowing.

Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese elements, Japandi styling is all about bringing a sense of calm and warmth into your home. Through decluttering and minimalism, the styling helps homeowners to achieve a purposeful yet delicate aesthetic. 

This blending of styles, both of which value simplicity and functionality, is a must-have aesthetic for those who have a keen eye for organisation and want to invite a sense of calm into their home.

As the trend rises in popularity, the team here at Blooming Artificial share three top tips on how you can incorporate basic elements of Japandi style into any modern home.

1. Use neutral tones and natural, soft textures

Japandi bedroom decor - blog post by Blooming Artificial
Instagram (@galileointeriors)

Unlike the Scandinavian aesthetic of all white or monochrome schemes, the Japandi style uses soft, warm, earthy, and natural tones. Swap out your monochrome for a warmer palette that includes olive greens, smoky rust colours, creamy oatmeals, and sharp stone shades. 

An appreciation for natural materials and forms is important, so think tactile when layering your soft furnishings with decorative throws and cushions. Don't forget to bring in candles, books, and ceramics to finish the room. It is important to allow the natural materials of both furniture and flooring to stand out.

2. Bring the outdoors in

Faux bonsai on desktop
Blooming Artificial (podocarpus bonsai plant)

A signature element to Japandi styling is the light and airy feeling it brings inside. Japandi perfectly blurs the lines of inside and outside. Choosing signature Japanese indoor plants brings a sense of tranquillity into space and perfectly compliments a neutral colour palette, harmonising the muted scheme. 

Some artificial and effortless indoor plants you could choose to bring the Japandi aesthetic together inside include the delicate podocarpus bonsai plant pictured above, an ideal addition to any office space, window sill, or console table.

Artificial rubber tree in hallway
Blooming Artificial (rubber Tree)

Another popular option is the eye-catching rubber tree. This low-maintenance addition to your home would fit in perfectly with Japandi styling. Try placing this plant in a wicker or rattan plant pot to enhance the natural textures. 

Faux Japanese bamboo tree by Blooming Artificial
Blooming Artificial (Japanese bamboo plant)

If you are looking for more of a statement then the Japanese bamboo plant could be just what you are looking for. This traditional Japanese plant blends perfectly with the Scandinavian elements to create the ultimate Japandi interior aesthetic. 

Faux musa basjoo banana tree by Blooming Artificial
Blooming Artificial (musa basjoo tree)

Bring the outside in, with this truly iconic musa basjoo tree – the houseplant you need to enrich your space with a sense of tranquillity and to unite the muted Japandi scheme.

3. Declutter your home 

Japandi dining decor - blog post by Blooming Artificial
Instagram (projekat_stan)

Less is more when designing your interiors with Japandi style. Select thoughtful and functional pieces to complement this natural calming interior design scheme. Take your time selecting bespoke items as they are to be appreciated and noticed within the wider Japandi scheme.  

Another element to achieving the right aesthetic is ensuring there is no unnecessary clutter. Put away your excess items and use decorative elements thoughtfully to achieve a balance of tasteful and cosy minimalism.

A large open space that allows natural light to flow through is perfect for achieving the Japandi style as it best showcases the carefully selected hero pieces such as  Blooming Artificial’s giant fiddle leaf fig tree and creates the sensation of openness, spaciousness, and calm.

Japandi styling tips - blog post by Blooming Artificial
Blooming Artificial (giant fiddle leaf fig tree)

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