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Realistic fake cedar spiral topiary trees - 3ft to 6ft size options
From: £68.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
Artificial Bay Tree - Blooming Artificial
From: £62.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
Fake boxwood spiral topiary trees by Blooming Artificial
From: £68.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
artificial 120cm boxwood single ball topiary tree
From: £66.00 inc VAT
  • 4.7 star rating
artificial 120cm boxwood triple ball topiary tree
From: £92.00 inc VAT
  • 4.8 star rating
artificial 150cm boxwood spiral with stem topiary tree
From: £74.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
Artificial 150cm boxwood tower topiary tree
From: £56.00 inc VAT
  • 4.6 star rating
From: £55.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
From: £60.00 inc VAT
  • 4.5 star rating
Artificial boxwood topiary balls - Blooming Artificial
From: £22.00 inc VAT
  • 4.8 star rating
£130.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
£62.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
£115.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
Out of stock
Out of stock
Currently unavailable Please check back soon
  • 4.9 star rating
Artificial bay laurel cone topiary tree
Out of stock
Out of stock
Currently unavailable Please check back soon
  • 4.7 star rating

Useful Information

How to Pot or Plant Artificial Topiary

Our range of faux topiary trees arrive in a basic black pot. We recommend replanting the basic pot into a larger, more decorative planter. This increases the trees stability and overall appearance. Alternatively you can plant the tree straight into the ground.

Read our potting guide here.

The Ultimate Guide to UV Resistance

Our artificial topiary is UV resistant. But what does this actually mean? We’ve put together a guide to explain what this means, how the resistance works as well as some handy tips to extend the overall lifespan of your product.

Read about UV resistance.

Caring for Faux Plants

Artificial topiary is very low maintenance. After all, that’s one of its key benefits over the real thing. However there are a couple of small things you can do to keep the plant looking fresh and extend the products lifespan.

Read our care guide here.

Create Stunning Outdoor Displays with Realistic Artificial Topiary Trees

Topiary has been a regular feature in ornamental gardens since the Roman era. Typically used in English gardens for framing entrances, enhancing decking areas, creating rooftop gardens or eye-catching garden displays, topiary offers a contemporary and stylish feature for your outdoor space.

Topiary is traditionally sculpted from boxwood foliage, however in more recent times other popular evergreens like cedar, privet and holly have become popular.

Creating and maintaining topiary is incredibly difficult and requires skill, patience and the correct environmental conditions. While we would all love to have natural topiary in our garden, for many it’s just not possible. That’s where our range of realistic artificial topiary can help…

Using Artificial Topiary Trees

Artificial topiary trees offer a low maintenance, simple way to add style and grandeur to your entrance, patio, balcony, garden or other outdoor space.

All of our faux topiary trees are hand made from a range of premium materials including PVC, natural wood stems, steel and polyester. While the materials vary from tree to tree, the quality is consistent throughout. Our range, with the exception of the fruticosa and Japanese fruticosa, are UV stable making them suitable for outside use.

We benchmark our topiary vigorously against natural and artificial alternatives to ensure that we’re providing the best quality and competitive prices.

Topiary Shapes, Styles and Foliage

We offer one of the widest ranges of artificial topiary products in the UK. Our stylish shapes include hanging topiary balls (with attached steel chain), single, double and triple ball trees, and stunning spirals to the ever-popular lollipop tree.

Our variety of topiary styles are available in a whole host sizes from small 70cm (2.25ft) bay laurel bushes, regular 120cm (4ft) trees all the way to impressive 180cm (6ft) spirals and ball trees.

We offer most trees in a mixture of foliage options. The most common topiary foliage type (both natural and artificial) is evergreen boxwood, sometimes called buxus, which has been sculpted into topiary since Roman times. However if you’re looking for something a little bit different we also offer a selection of bay, cedar and artificial olive tree.

For a truly impressive garden display, we recommend using a mixture of shapes, sizes and foliage types. This adds depth and a number of different focal points to your garden.

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