Pulling off fake plants

Alick Burnett - Marketing Manager at Blooming Artificial
Alick Burnett Marketing & Business Development Manager

We all know at least one person who turns their nose up to artificial plants. No doubt that person has a house full of tropical plants, orchids and fresh cut flowers which miraculously survive regardless of temperature, light, humidity and all the other conditions needed to keep the things alive!

For many of us it’s just not possible to achieve this due to lack of time, suitable environment and a distinct lack of skill. If like us, this is you, then faux is absolutely the way to go! Here are our 5 top tips to help you pull off fake plants and fool your anti-artificial friends!

Keep it real

One of the biggest tells is when a plant obviously doesn’t belong in a room. For instance a natural orchid won’t survive a week in direct sunlight - so don’t place your artificial orchid there.

Go for quality

Decorating with artificial plants is becoming easier. Manufacturing techniques are forever improving resulting in better and better higher quality artificial plants.

Check close-up pictures on our website to see how detailed each product is before you buy. Read the product descriptions to see if the petals and foliage are made from silk, plastic or a combination of the two.

Finally make sure you check what other customers are saying about the product. They may have different expectations to you, but they will give you a feel for the quality of each product.

Pick a theme… and run with it

Each room in your home (or even your entire home) will have a theme or style. Whether it’s classic, contemporary, art-deco or any other theme you need to make sure that the hat plant fits.

Think about what sort of artificial plant would blend in with your existing colours and furniture. Would tall, luscious green palm trees fit? Or would a classic artificial orchid look better?


Almost all artificial plants (whether you buy from Blooming Artificial or another retailer) come in a relatively plain, boring black pot. While this adds stability, it’s not going to be a feature in your living room.

Buy a more decorative container (which fits in with your theme) and replant your plant or tree (how to guide here). It will be more stable and far better to look at.

Keep them clean

Why is it that natural plants don’t get dusty? One of the biggest giveaways that a plant isn’t real is a layer of dust on top of it. As part of your routine, give your artificial plants a quick clean (quick how to guide here).

Need more tips?

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