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The mental health benefits of artificial plants

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In this article we’ll discuss how incorporating these faux greens into your surroundings can provide a breath of fresh air for our mental well-being.

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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding a sense of solace and calm is a must for maintaining good mental health. One unexpected source of tranquillity comes in the form of artificial plants. Often dismissed as simply decorations, these faux greens have been quietly revolutionising our living spaces, offering a huge range of mental health benefits, some of which may just surprise you!

Are artificial plants good for mental health?  

Plants have long been associated with positive mental health, and artificial plants are no exception. Artificial plants can be a great alternative when your lifestyle or location isn’t optimal for real plants. Just like real plants, faux plants have been shown to boost morale, improve stress levels and more! 

Artificial dwarf palm on home office desk

Artificial plants to reduce stress

The responsibility of caring for living plants with constant watering and pruning can add to our daily burdens. In contrast, artificial plants demand minimal upkeep. There's no need to worry about leaves wilting or feeling guilty about neglect – these low-maintenance alternatives provide the aesthetic appeal of nature without the stress associated with their care.  

Artificial greenery can also help reduce stress from other contributing factors, such as workplace or work-related stress. Greener workspaces have been associated with a reduction in stress, boosted productivity and improved mindsets. As work environments become increasingly more industrialised, artificial plants can be ‘grounding’ and fulfil a sense of being in nature.  

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The importance of a calm space

Natural greenery has long been associated with peace and relaxation. Artificial plants, designed with meticulous attention to detail, mimic the calming effect of real foliage. Whether placed in your home or office, these perennially green companions provide a constant reminder of the soothing aspects of nature, helping you create a zen haven!  

This is particularly beneficial in homes with limited natural light. To enhance the calming effect, opt for muted shades and intriguing textures such as our tranquil arrangement.  

Artificial succulent mix

Artificial plants for positive energy

The inclusion of indoor house plants not only introduces a sense of vitality but also enhances the overall welcoming atmosphere of a space. This is precisely why wellness centres and health clubs prioritise the integration of plants into their interior designs, helping to instil a serene and calming effect.  
If you're aiming to establish a cosy ambiance that promotes positivity, consider embellishing your space with an array of artificial succulent plants, hanging greenery and faux potted plants. The positive vibes and energies radiated by these enduring plants can counterbalance negativity, nurturing a joyful and optimistic atmosphere. 

Artificial plants to boost productivity

Numerous studies have shown that exposure to nature, even in artificial form, can have positive effects on productivity. Artificial plants contribute to a more visually appealing and harmonious environment, lifting spirits and enhancing overall well-being. In workspaces, these vibrant additions have been linked to increased creativity and focus. 

Artificial plants for enduring beauty

Artificial plants maintain their aesthetic appeal throughout the year, regardless of changing seasons. For many, the unchanging nature of faux plants provides a sense consistency in an otherwise fast-moving and unpredictable world. The savings accrued by avoiding the frequent replacement of real plants can also provide a welcome relief from the financial burdens of contemporary living.  

Artificial plants can also be easily stored and swapped out to in-keep with events and changing seasons. Simply swapping out your faux Spring/Summer bouquet for your Autumn/Winter bouquet can help you freshen up your space, while still being less expensive than buying fresh flowers – and they will last all season too!  

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Do plants help with mental illness? 

The short answer is yes, plants can greatly improve mental health. Prolonged, high-level stress can weaken the body’s immune system and lead to depressive tendencies; both real and artificial plants have been shown to reduce stress and improve positivity, meaning plants can psychologically and physically improve your quality of life.  

Artificial plants to fight anxiety and pain

As well as visual presence, artificial plants can also have psychological advantages when strategically placed. Surrounding yourself with house plants has been proven to be both therapeutic and calming. Utilising artificial living walls and strategically placing some tall artificial floor plants not only adds an outdoor charm to your surroundings but also enhances your state of mind, reducing anxiety. Studies have even shown that patients recovering from various conditions have reported lower blood pressure levels, as well as reduced pain, distress and physical discomfort when exposed to faux plants in their rooms.

What types of plants reduce anxiety?  

Beautiful, colourful blooms, such as chrysanthemums and sunflowers, reduce anxiety through their bright, cheery colours, whilst plants like the sansevieria (snake plant) create a calming environment through dark green hues. Colours such as yellows and oranges, create a warming effect and promote mental stimulation, whereas greens and white promote tranquillity.  

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While the mental health benefits of artificial plants may come as a surprise to many, their enduring charm and stress-relieving qualities make them a valuable addition to any space. Discover how you can add faux seamlessly into your home and workspace by exploring our inspiration gallery

If you are struggling with mental health issues, seek help from a medical professional.