Styling tips for artificial cacti & succulents

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We've got a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to styling artificial cacti and succulents, including choosing pots, cleaning and more. Check 'em out below! 😉🌵

Artificial bunny ear cactus on wooden kitchen worktop with radio

Cool, quirky and packed with personality, cacti and succulents are the perfect plant pals!

In this article, we're revealing how to get the most out of them with our best tips and tricks for styling artificial cacti and succulents.

Where is the best place to put an artificial cactus or succulent?

Artificial san pedro cactus in orange bedroom with metal lamp

Going faux has a number of benefits, the big one being that you can put your artificial cactus in the shadiest place in your home and it’ll still look fabulous.  

Does that mean that you should? It all depends on how realistic you’d like your plant to look.

If you simply want to fill an empty spot in a dark room, go for it! But if you really want to pull off the look, the best place to put your artificial cactus or succulent is a spot where its natural self would be happiest. That means somewhere that receives plenty of indirect sunlight, but not direct, as this would burn a real cactus or succulents leaves.

In the kitchen, you can use your artificial cactus or succulent to accompany any herbs you might have growing, helping to create the look of a full and thriving kitchen garden.

Elsewhere, try sitting them near your entrance as a friendly little ‘welcome home’, or pop them on shelves, tabletops or on your desk to grant your space some cool desert vibes and reap in the mental health benefits of plants!

What plants should I put with an artificial cactus or succulent?

Sure, you can simply put your new plant in your home and leave it there, but if you want to unlock its full potential, it's best to style it with other plants.

Exotic plants

Naturally, your cacti and succulents will look brilliant when you sit them with other exotic artificial plants.  

Top choices include monstera plants whose unique leaves will perfectly complement your cactus or succulents' funky foliage.

You could also try a calathea which sport gorgeous, uniquely patterned leaves or even a pachira money plant, which would pair nicely with the exotic element while adding height to your artificial cactus arrangement.

Faux rattlesnake calathea on rattan bedside table next to orange bed

Rare & unusual plants

Find the coolest fauxs around, featuring colourful leaves, vibrant patterns and a tonne of style.

Explore rare & unusual plants

Tropical flowers 

Similarly, you can go down a floral route and pair them with tropical faux flowers like anthuriums, exotic lilies, colourful orchid stems or even our pre-made exotic bouquet. Partner up your flowers with some tropical foliage including palm fronds and monstera leaves to bridge the gap between your plants and flowers, helping them to blend seamlessly.

group of artificial cacti

How to create an artificial succulent or cactus arrangement 

When it comes to arranging your spiky friends, it’s a classic case of the more the merrier! Make your own succulent or faux cactus arrangements by teaming them up with other cacti and succulents (check out our succulent trio) for a stylish pick-me-up!

Go for a vibrant sansevieria, for a slightly taller dose of colour, a mini aloe, a rare monstera albo and perhaps some hanging greenery to tie it all together. The options are endless!

Mini artificial succulents on shelf in grey bathroom

Expert tip: The rule of three

When you’re building your family of fauxs, try using a variety of different heights and foliage types to create more eye-catching succulent and cactus arrangements and make sure to choose at least three plants, as science shows that our brains perceive odd numbers as being more attractive.

For more tips, read our guide to choosing an artificial houseplant.

How to choose a pot for your faux cactus or succulent

Anything with vibrant colours, quirky shapes and unique textures are great choices to accentuate your plant's character."

- Annabel, interior decor expert

Cacti and succulents tend to have big personalities with their interesting shapes, colours and patterns, which means they look even better when you pair them with a pot that’s just as cool. 

Anything with vibrant colours, quirky shapes and unique textures are great choices to accentuate your plants character.  

On the other hand, if you’re planning to sit your plant in a minimally styled space, you may wish to choose a more subtle pot which lets your plant speak for itself. To do this, stick to neutral tones and simple, elegant shapes to avoid overwhelming your interior. 

We think our cacti and succulents look fab in our jazz or vibes pot ranges! 

Artificial hoya heart in green vibes pot on metal shelf in kitchen

Pot pals

Discover our range of pots and planters, with colourful options perfect for your cactus.

Explore pots

when you've chosen your planter, it's time to pot your faux. Sit your plant and the included starter pot inside and fill the extra space with soil, sand or stones. Earn extra style points by topping it off with moss!

How to care for your artificial cacti and succulents

Artificial variegated sansevieria with blue sofa against raw plaster wall

Being the proud owner of a faux cactus or succulent grants you the peace of mind that you’ll never have to water it, worry about light or pests, disease, re-potting, humidity...the list goes on! 😅

1. Clean your faux succulent or cactus

There are just a couple of things that your new plant buddy will appreciate, one being a gentle dust as part of your usual routine. As with a real cactus, a paintbrush is an excellent way to get around all those spikes. For succulents, however, you can simply give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth and call it a day.

For extra tips, check out our guide to cleaning artificial plants and flowers.

2. Arrange your artificial cactus or succulent

Another tip is to spend a minute or two to arrange your faux plant's foliage. This doesn't really apply to an artificial cactus which usually doesn't have leaves, but if you have a faux succulent like a snake plant, you may be able to bend the leaves a little to help your plant fill your space and look full of life.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

One last thing! Like most real plants, your artificial ones aren’t overly keen on a full day in direct sunlight. Try to minimise full sun and stick to indirect light to avoid any fading issues. For more info, read our guide to UV resistance.

Small artificial plants in colourful pots on kitchen worktop


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Have a crack at styling your artificial cactus or succulent with our tips above and tag us in your plant snaps over on the 'gram with #bloomingartificial 📸

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