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Top tips for styling artificial orchids

Annabel Thain Content marketing executive 🌱

Explore our range of top tips for helping artificial orchids seemlessly slot into your decor and enhance your space with no-hassle elegance.

Pink vanda orchid on a desk

Orchids, with their subtle beauty and timeless appeal, are a well-known symbol of elegance. While real orchids require plenty of skill, care and luck, artificial orchids offer a maintenance-free alternative that doesn't compromise on style. In this guide, we explore creative ways to style artificial orchids to not only look real but enhance your space with a touch of everlasting charm. 

Choosing the perfect place for your orchid

Artificial orchids will flourish in any corner of your home. Consider placing them as a centrepiece on dining tables or adorning side tables in the living room. For a dramatic effect, elevate them on shelves or mantelpieces, creating a focal point that draws attention to their exquisite blooms. 

Artificial pink phalaenopsis blume orchid on coffee table in white living room
Stunning faux phalaenopsis blume p-potted in cement planter

Shaping your orchid 

Real plants are not meant to be perfect so don’t let your faux give you away! We always suggest subtly arranging your orchid by gentle bending and shaping the stems and leaves into your desired shape. Most good quality orchids will have wired stems and leaves allowing you to tweak them as required.  

Correctly shaping an artificial orchid is the best way to help your faux look as realistic as possible! If you need some help, use our product image for inspiration and guidance on how your orchid should look. Or, for more support, why not read our article on plant arrangement which includes a handy follow along video.  

Potting your orchid

The next essential tip is potting your orchid. Some faux orchids, like our moth orchid, arrive unpotted in a fake root and moss base. These are incredibly realistic and are designed to slot into glass or translucent orchid vases.  

However, most artificial orchids arrive in a plain starter pot which is designed to sit inside a more decorative pot cover. Choose a pot that suits your existing decor or something that contrasts the orchid to help it really pop! 

How to make artificial orchid arrangements

Combine realistic artificial orchids stems with other decorative elements to increase their impact. Pair them with lush greenery or place them in a decorative vase with pebbles to create a captivating arrangement. Mixing and matching textures and colours can add depth and visual interest to your décor. 

Beautiful exotic orchid flower arrangement
Beautiful exotic orchid flower arrangement

Alternatively explore some of our ready-made arrangements which feature orchid stems like our exotic bouquet or Hawaiian bunch.  

Orchids in every room

Artificial orchids are versatile enough to grace any room in your home. Use smaller varieties such as our vanda orchid to add a touch of sophistication to bathrooms or bedrooms. In larger spaces, opt for grander arrangements to make a statement in entryways or hallways.

Purple artificial vanda orchid on side table
Purple artificial vanda orchid on sideboard

Our artificial phalaenopsis blume orchid is the perfect example of how to add real drama to a space. The adaptability of artificial orchids makes them a versatile accessory for every corner of your living space. 

Orchids for all seasons 

Switch up your artificial orchid arrangements to reflect the changing seasons. Introduce vibrant, colourful orchids in spring and summer and opt for softer, muted tones such as our phalaenopsis moth orchid in autumn and winter. This simple adjustment can seamlessly integrate your orchids into the evolving aesthetic of your home. 

Maintenance tips for orchids

While artificial orchids don't require the care of their living counterparts, a little maintenance can ensure their lasting beauty. Periodically dust the petals and leaves to keep them looking fresh and consider changing their placement to prevent sun exposure from fading their colours over time. For more information, check out our guide for cleaning artificial plants. 


From choosing the perfect placement to experimenting with creative arrangements, these everlasting blooms offer a world of possibilities to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Embrace the beauty of artificial orchids by discovering our full range of tropical flowers or discover more fauxs available in our inspiration gallery