6 expert styling tips for styling artificial olive trees

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Artificial olive trees have taken the interior industry by storm, giving classic favourites likes of the ever popular monstera and fiddle leaf plants a run for their money! Whether you're aiming for a Mediterranean vibe, or just love the timeless elegance of olive trees, styling them thoughtfully can truly transform your space.

Artificial ligurian olive tree behind cream arm chair

Let’s dive into creative and and stylish ways to style artificial olive trees to make them appear more realistic whilst adding a touch of sophistication to your home or office. 

How can you make an artificial olive tree look more real? 

We have some tried and tested solutions to help make artificial olive trees look even more ralistic than or fab fauxs do out of the box.  

  1. Choose the right size

  2. Select the right spot in your home or office 

  3. Arrange the foliage 

  4. Consider the container 

  5. Add finishing touches to help blend into your decor 

  6. Add seasonal touches throughout the year 

For more tips on helping faux plants look the part, read our how to pull off fake plants blog post here.

Artificial Tuscan olive tree by Blooming Artificial in pink office

How to choose an artificial olive tree

Discover our buyer's guide to help find the olive tree for you. Including a full breakdown of our range, tips and more.

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What size artificial olive tree should you buy? 

It depends on your space and room size. If it’s going to stand on the floor, then choosing a substantial 6ft plus olive tree is probably the way to go. Anything smaller will get lost and may not make the impact you seek. If you’re hunting for something to sit on a sideboard or table, then a mini olive tree or even potted bush may be the ticket.  

Artificial olive trees now come in all shapes and sizes, varying from just 30cm all the way to several meters tall. The shapes also vary from dense foliage to sparse yet stylish.  

For a more dynamic and natural look, consider mixing artificial olive trees of different sizes and heights. This mimics the randomness of nature and adds depth to your arrangement. 

Taller trees can be placed towards the back, with smaller plants and olive bushes in the foreground. We have a huge selection of styles and sizes of olive trees available, including mini olive trees, Tuscan olive trees umbrella olive trees and even our mammoth 2.5m tall giant olive trees.

How do you arrange an artificial olive tree? 

While our plants are designed to be extremely low maintenance, a bit of initial care may be necessary upon their arrival. Arranging the foliage well arguably has the biggest impact on whether artificial olive trees look realistic or not. Spend a few minutes working each branch out until you are happy with the overall shape.

Most of our artificial plants including our olive trees feature wired fronds and foliage, allowing you to easily bend or reshape them by hand until they achieve their best appearance. Feel free to apply a bit of pressure when adjusting your faux plant; it's quite resilient and unlikely to break easily!  

Bend and tweak the leaf stems into a nice shape.

Some of the leaves may have arrived slightly creased due to being securely packed in the box. You can easily smooth these out with your hands or even use a hair straightener on low for those more stubborn of creases.  

You can read more tips or watch our handy tutorials on how to arrange artificial plants here.

Consider the container 

We’ll deliver your new olive tree in a basic black pot. You can use this, though we recommend replanting it into something more in line with your décor. 

The addition of pots and planters serves as the perfect final touch, significantly enhancing the appearance of your artificial olive tree and helping it slot into your decor. Not only do these containers assist in seamlessly integrating the plant into its new surroundings, but they also contribute to improved stability. A seagrass or wicker basket can further help achieve a stylish, Scandanavian aesthetic.  

Potting artificial olive trees is easy too. Watch our short video below or read our full artificial plant potting guide here.  

How to elevate an olive tree 

If you’ve found an artificial olive tree that you love, but it’s a little bit short don’t worry. You can elevate a faux olive tree by choosing a taller planter, pre-filling it with earth sand or stones and then adding the olive tree. Make sure you choose a plant pot that’s significantly taller than the original starter pot.  

Alternatively, choose a plant pot that includes a pot stand. 

Seamlessly incorporate artificial olive trees into your interior 

Enhance the overall aesthetic of your olive tree by incorporating other decor elements. Consider adding other low-maintenance plants, decorative rocks, or even fairy lights around the base of the trees. This layering technique adds texture and visual interest, making the arrangement more appealing. 

Artificial olive tree standing with green sofa by large window

While olive trees are known for their silver-green foliage, you can introduce pops of colour to complement your decor. Place vibrant throw pillows or colourful accessories nearby to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. 

How to style an artificial olive tree all year round 

One of the advantages of artificial olive trees is their adaptability to different seasons. Consider decorating them with seasonal accents like ornaments or lights during holidays, ensuring your arrangement stays fresh and relevant throughout the year. 

Remember, if anything is going to give your faux away, it’s a layer of dust. Keep your new friend clean by watching our step by step cleaning video.  

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