May birth flowers & what they symbolise

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This month we're diving into the flowers that celebrate birthdays in May. Read on to find out what they represent and their artificial alternatives.

Birth flower for May

April showers have given way to May flowers, and you know what that means - it's time to dive into the world of birth month flowers once again.

Whether you're commemorating a May birthday or simply embracing the beauty of spring, understanding the significance behind May's blooms adds an extra layer of charm to your floral arrangements. So, let's roll up our sleeves and explore the beautiful blooms of this springtime month! 

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Artificial blossom stems on blue bench

What are May's birth month flowers? 

In May, two enchanting blooms take centre stage: lily of the valley and hawthorn. These gorgeous flowers bring a touch of elegance and allure to any arrangement, symbolising the essence of renewal and vitality that defines the month of May. 

Why does May have two birth flowers? 

May is one of the few months that has a double feature of birth flowers. The tradition of associating birth flowers with specific months traces back through the ages, with diverse cultures assigning symbolic significance to various blooms based on seasonal attributes and cultural symbolism. In May's case, both lily of the valley and hawthorn emerge as fitting representatives due to their profound meanings and historical significance, enriching the month's floral narrative. Interested in discovering more about the meaning and psychology of flower colours? Why not check out our recent blog post! 

What do lilies of the valley symbolise? 

Small yet oh-so mighty, lilies of the valley are delicate blooms packed with symbolism. So what do lilies of the valley mean? Often associated with purity, humility, and sweetness, lilies of the valley are said to bring luck and happiness to those who encounter them. Their dainty appearance and enchanting fragrance make them a beloved choice for weddings, Mother's Day bouquets, and other special occasions. 

What do hawthorns symbolise?

Now, let's talk about hawthorns—the hidden gems of May. Symbolising hope, protection, and healing, hawthorns hold a special place in folklore and mythology. These resilient blooms are often associated with fertility and prosperity, making them a powerful symbol of growth and renewal. With their clusters of delicate flowers and thorny branches, hawthorns add a unique touch of beauty and symbolism to any floral display. 

Artificial lily bouquet by Blooming Artificial

Blooming Artificial alternatives to May blooms

While fresh lilies of the valley and hawthorns are undeniably stunning, we understand that not everyone has the time or expertise to care for live plants or cut flowers. That's where Blooming Artificial comes in! We offer a wide range of artificial flowers that capture the beauty and essence of May without any of the hassle. 

Want to add a touch of hawthorn or lily of the valley magic to your space? Why not check out our artificial blossom flowers featuring lifelike blooms that mimic the delicate charm of these beloved flowers. Available in single stems, our artificial blooms are perfect for creating your own springtime arrangement, perfect for May!  

Although they may not resemble May's birth flowers, lilies, particularly the white variety, also convey the symbolism of purity, akin to lilies of the valley. Our artificial liliies are equally captivating, boasting the same elegance and grace as their natural counterparts.  

So, there we have it! Whether you're marking a special occasion or simply embracing the joys of spring, these May birth flowers are sure to bring a smile to your face and a touch of magic to your home. For more inspiration, explore our inspo page.  

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