March birth flowers & what they symbolise

Melissa Moore
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In this blog post, we’ll delve into the symbolism behind these beautiful blooms and explore the meanings they bring to those born in March.

As we bid farewell to the winter chill and welcome the arrival of spring, March brings with it a sense of renewal, growth, and hope. For those fortunate enough to celebrate their birthdays during this transitional month, the birth flowers associated with March, the vibrant daffodil and jonquil, can hold special significance. 

What are the two birth flowers of March?  

The birth flowers traditionally associated with March are the daffodil (Narcissus) and the jonquil. These blossoms are often used interchangeably in the context of March birthdays, symbolizing qualities such as renewal, new beginnings, optimism, and strength.  

What's the difference between daffodils, narcissus and jonquils?  

While "narcissus" is the broad genus name, "daffodil" refers to a specific type of narcissus with a large central corona, and "jonquil" refers to another specific type with smaller flowers and a distinct fragrance. The confusion arises because all daffodils are narcissus, but not all narcissus are daffodils, and jonquils are a specific subgroup within the narcissus genus. 

Jonquils, a specific type of daffodil, are characterised by smaller flowers and are known for their fragrant blooms. 

What does the daffodil symbolise? 

The daffodil is the primary birth flower for March. These cheerful blossoms, with their trumpet-shaped petals and vibrant yellow hues, symbolise a myriad of positive qualities that resonate with the spirit of spring. 

  • Renewal and rebirth: Daffodils are often associated with the arrival of spring, representing the renewal of life and nature after the dormancy of winter. The sight of these bright flowers emerging from the cold ground is a powerful symbol of hope and new beginnings. 

  • Optimism and positivity: The radiant yellow colour of daffodils is a beacon of optimism. As March heralds the end of winter and the promise of warmer days, daffodils encourage a positive outlook and a sense of joy, making them a perfect gift for someone celebrating their birthday during this month. 

  • Eternal life and immortality: In some cultures, daffodils are believed to represent eternal life and the journey of the soul. Their resilience and ability to bloom year after year connect them to themes of immortality, making them a poignant symbol for birthdays and celebrations. 

What does jonquil flower symbolise? 

The jonquil flower carries several symbolic meanings: 

  • Sympathy and sorrow: In Greek culture, jonquils were often associated with sympathy and sadness. Bouquets featuring jonquils were commonly given as gifts to individuals who were experiencing a loss or going through a difficult time. 

  • Luck and good fortune: Similar to daffodils, jonquils are also seen as symbols of luck and good fortune. The bright and cheerful appearance of these flowers is often associated with positive energies and the promise of better things to come. 

  • Renewal and new beginnings: Jonquils, like many spring flowers, symbolize renewal and new beginnings. Their emergence from the ground in the early spring is a powerful representation of growth and the start of a new cycle in nature. 

  • Strength and resilience: The jonquil's ability to bloom early in the spring, sometimes even through lingering cold weather, is often seen as a symbol of strength and resilience. This characteristic aligns with the flower's association with overcoming challenges and facing adversity.  

Blooming Artificial alternatives to March blooms

Due to the abundant nature of the beloved daffodil, during the spring months they are both easy to come by and cheap to purchase. For this reason, artificial versions are not particularly popular. If you are looking for some beautiful artificial alternatives to symbolise hope, new beginnings and good fortune, then we have some suggestions.  

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So, there we have it, our top picks for our loved ones with March birthdays. Still looking for inspiration? Why not check out our inspo gallery.