Artificial lilies

Pure beauty and elegance bloom from our graceful faux lilies, all without the effort of having to care for them! 🤍

Shop larger lily arrangements like our paradise bouquet or keep things simple with our beautiful oriental lily stem. Whatever style you choose, there’ll be no hay fever or annoying pollen stains from our artificial lilies, just timeless colour to lift your interior décor.

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Looking for single stems?

Wanting a pop of colour? Take a look at our extensive range of beautifully realistic, faux single stems!

Single stems

Everything you need to know

Our elegant artificial lilies are perfect for any space!

These faux timeless beauties are featured in our amethyst bouquet, exotic bouquet, paradise bouquet and lily bouquet! Also available as a single stems, or even our faux calla lily potted plant!

Bursting with life - these lilies have large open petals and realistic green stems and buds.

The best part is...they're completely hassle-free! No worry of pollen-staining with these artificial wonders!

Currently, all of our lilies are indoor use only.

Our outdoor products are treated to be UV resistant and designed to withstand outdoor conditions, such as harmful sun exposure.

Want to know more about UV resistance? Take a look at our What is UV resistance & why does it matter? article!

Our artificial plants are made from high quality, durable materials like polyethylene plastic, steel, natural wood, polyester and latex. This may seem like an eccentric mix, but each has a specific purpose to ensure the plant looks natural and has a long life.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

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