Totally Tropical Spring Trends
  • By Annabel
  • In Inspiration
  • Posted May 23 2017
One of our favourite seasons is officially upon us – spring has sprung and we are all feeling energised and refreshed by these extra hours of sunlight. In this blog we will share with you our favourite faux plants for this season, focusing on funky artificial cacti and luscious greenery which will compliment your home this season.

Artificial Saguaro Cactus - pictured above

This spring you can expect fun and glamour to run the interior trends, so it really is time to get tropical indoors! What better way to do so than with our artificial saguaro cactus. This faux cactus is a guaranteed talking point as it has absolutely bags of character. Covered in prickly spikes, and professionally potted into a large ribbed planter, this artificial plant is ready to use as soon as it arrives – just unbox and place straight into your space! Use in a space with warm pastel colours for the best effect.

Artificial Golden Barrel Cactus

Artificial Golden Barrel Cactus
If you’re looking to inject just a little bit of fun into your space, then you should try our small but oh-so-sweet artificial golden barrel cactus. This little guy is the perfect size for your office desk or study at home. The light coloured spikes of the artificial cactus will work well next to dark greys or navy and the deep green ribs will really stand out with a gold or bronze planter. Again, this cactus is pre-potted and ready to use when it arrives and what’s more these faux cacti are all the rage with interior designers right now!

Artificial Wild Grass

Available in two sizes and professionally potted into a sleek zinc planter, the simple wild artificial grass is the ideal addition to any domestic space. There’s no arranging necessary so you can simply unbox the artificial grass for instant greenery! Use the plants in sets or runs to create a quirky desk divider or focal point in your home. They work particularly well along a kitchen window sill, creating a rustic, country house feel. Use this artificial plant within a minimal monochromatic colour palette to make the faux foliage really stand out.

Artificial Boston Fern

Artificial Boston Fern Plant
The artificial Boston fern is an ideal table-top plant and will look in any space, particularly with warmer colours such as red and orange. These plants are commonly found in humid forests and swaps, and the textured apple-green leaves have a very exotic feel to them. An extremely versatile artificial plant which can be hung or potted to fit any space or design theme.

Artificial Foxtail Grass

Artificial Foxtail Grass Plant
Our artificial foxtail grass is available in several sizes and finishes, and is suitable for use both indoors and out. Featuring realistic spiked grass fronds with foxtail clusters at the end, this natural looking artificial plant is a particularly popular feature in summerhouses and contemporary kitchen designs around the UK. They look great alongside a colour scheme of deep browns and beige and we recommend a wicker basket planter or copper look pot to set off the textures and colours of this faux plant.

So there you have it; our top foliage plants for a totally tropical 2017. Remember, think bold colours, bright geometric, whimsical prints with plenty of greenery – natural or artificial! The key is to have fun with colours while bringing the outside in.

If you want to learn more then check out LA-based designer Justina Blakeney, who has coined the term ‘Jungalow’ to describe this wild bohemian interior style.
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