Refresh your space: our best tropical plants for spring

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One of our favourite seasons is upon us - spring has sprung and we're feeling refreshed by the extra hours of sunlight! Here we'll share our favourite faux plants for spring, focusing on funky artificial cacti and luscious greenery to compliment your space.

Artificial bird of paradise in a living room

Springtime - daffodils are in full bloom, the sun is shining and indoors it's a great time to refresh your space. This of course includes some colourful and funky new houseplants to liven things up and energise your space after the gloom of winter.

Find out top tropical artificial plants for spring below.

1. Stylish saguaro cactus

This funky fella is a real talking point and great for adding a slice of the tropics to your space!

Ideal for slim corners where space is at a premium, the artificial saguaro cactus adorns a coat of soft spikes (no sharp spines here!) along with a glorious green complexion to lift your space this spring.

Try adding him to a stylish seagrass basket or sitting in a brightly coloured pot for a punchy pop of tropical spring colour.

As well as the saguaro cactus, we have a collection of smaller faux cacti available.

Saguaro cactus in a living room

2. Beautiful bird of paradise

With beautifully coloured flower heads and large, luscious leaves, the tropical bird of paradise is a timeless classic whose exotic colour is ideal for livening your space in line with the lighter evenings.

Create your own paradise by paring it with a colourful pot to complement its unique flowers.

Bird of paradise on a kitchen table

3. Charming cheese plant

Available in three sizes, the popular artificial cheese plant is one of the most-loved out there, famed for its large, glossy leaves that scream #junglalow!

Its exotic style can work pretty much anywhere in your home where its stunning split leaves instantly inject tropical colour and freshen up your space for the warmer months ahead.

Artificial cheese plant in kitchen

4. Popular parlour palm

Is there anything more tropical than a palm tree? We think not! The parlour palm is one of our favourites with realistic coir, long green stems and immensely lifelike leaves, making it an epic statement plant!

In three size options, its arching leaves cast beautiful shadows giving your space a tropical vibe and with no need for light or water, it's sure to look just as good at the end of the year as it did as during the spring.

Artificial parlour palm in office space

5. Stunning strelitzia

Large, leafy greenery is very much on trend to breathe some life into your space this spring and we're here for it! The strelitzia is one of our most popular exotic faux plants with its big, beautiful greenery that can totally transform an empty corner in a matter of minutes.

Pair it with a large pot and let its leaves splay out to grant your space some energising colour.

Artificial strelitzia plant in living room

6. Easy-going exotic bouquet

No other bouquet quite embodies the tropics like the artificial exotic bouquet! Positively bursting with colour, this blossoming bouquet features a plethora of oriental lilies, deep green monstera leaves and yellow orchids among an array of vibrant green china grass.

Add this beautiful bouquet to a large vase and let its tropical colour brighten your home this spring.

Artificial exotic bouquet in kitchen

7. Lively lemon bush

We couldn't end our list of tropical spring plants without including a little citrus colour from our cute faux lemon bush!

Standing at just 70cm tall, the lemon bush is great for adding a little zest to window sills and tables, anywhere in your home, where it can lift your spirits. It looks a dream in a small yellow pot or classic black planter where its vibrant lemons can stand out.

Small artificial lemon tree sitting on library windowsil

Refreshing roundup

So there you have it; our top tropical plants for a refreshing spring. From beautiful bouquets to fantastic palms, we hope you found something to boost your space!

Artificial musa banana trees next to wooden table

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