The average result in this quiz is only 55% correct. Can you do any better?

We want to show how hard it is to tell the difference between real plants and our super-realistic artificial plants. Take our short 'real or fake' quiz to see if you can tell the difference, compare your score to others and challenge your friends to see if they can do any better!

The Results

Within a couple of weeks, 2,000 people had entered our quiz. Here are the results:

  • The average result is only 55% correct, which is what we would expect if people went through and answered at random.
  • 55-64-year-olds were slightly better at spotting the difference than other age groups, with 25-34-year-olds being the least adept.
  • On average, 49% of people thought that the real plants were actually fakes.
  • 40% of the artificial plants were guessed incorrectly.

These result shows that people really can’t always tell the difference between real and fake plants.

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