The best faux flowers to fight hay fever

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According to Allergy UK, removing fresh flowers from your home can reduce hay fever symptoms, but thanks to the power of faux, you can still enjoy the beauty of your favourite flowers!

Read on to see our best faux flowers to fight hay fever.

Artificial spring bouquet in living room with blue armchair

We love the lighter evenings and warmer weather but not the start of hay fever season - something that will affect 1 in 5 people in the UK at some point in their lives. 

It rears its head every year between late March to September, causing symptoms that can range from a minor case of the sniffles to shortness of breath and an increased asthma risk. 

If you’re unlucky enough to suffer from hay fever, you may make up part of the 56% of people who are anxious that their symptoms may be mistaken for Covid-19 or the 46% of workers who struggle with concentration due to the allergy also known as 'Allergic Rhinitis'. (Allergy UK / Kleenex, 2020). 

And believe it or not, it doesn’t get easier for city dwellers.

Urban areas record significantly higher symptom severity and longer symptom duration.

The University of Manchester

A study by The University of Manchester found that those in urban areas reported significantly higher symptom severity and longer symptom duration than those in rural locations.

One of the tips listed by Allergy UK is to remove fresh flowers from around your home to reduce your symptoms. But that doesn't mean you have to live without the beauty of your favourite blooms...

Our top faux flowers to combat hay fever

1. Lily bouquet

Artificial lily bouquet by Blooming Artificial
Artificial lily bouquet

Despite their beauty, lilies are often listed as flowers to avoid if you suffer from hay fever but our faux lily bouquet offers the look and realism of real lilies, without aggravating your allergies or risking annoying pollen stains. Plus, these ones are pet friendly!

Hand-tied by our team of florists, this bouquet looks like a dream when paired with a decorative jug or elegant vase to add the finishing touch to your space.

2. Wild flower hanging basket

Artificial wild flower hanging basket at front door
Faux wild flower hanging basket

Our best-selling wild flower hanging basket features timeless pink petunias, lavender, lush green ferns and zero pollen! Finished with a stylish basket and strong steel chain, it’s super quick and easy to install and you won't catch yourself with itchy eyes and a blocked nose while unlocking your front door. We also offer a wider range of fake flower hanging baskets, giving you lots of options.

3. Geranium patio planter

faux cream geranium patio planter
Faux geranium patio planter

Don’t fear your garden this summer, our artificial geranium patio planter is a fab way to boost your outdoor space the pollen-free way. Straight from the box, this beauty is packed with colour in a choice of red, cream or pink to lift your spirits.

Add a pair at your doorstep or sit one on your patio to liven up your outdoor space.

4. Summer garden window box

Artificial summer garden window boxes on window sill with bench
Artificial summer garden window box

Real window boxes might leave you barricading your windows in fear of pollen, but our trusty summer garden window box can be your friend this hay fever season, with stunning colour and realistic flowers that won’t leave you sneezing. What's more, there's no watering or dead-heading to keep up with! 👍

5. Spring bouquet

Artificial spring bouquet in living room with blue armchair
Faux spring bouquet

This cheerful bunch of tulips, poppies and cosmos is sure to brighten your home without the cost of replacing real flowers. Thoughtfully hand-tied with twine, our gorgeous spring bouquet looks like it’s been freshly picked from your garden with an array of vibrant oranges and yellows to energise your space.

Not keen on the spring bouquet? We also offer a range of other faux flower arrangements here.

6. Create your own bouquet

Arranging artificial amethyst bouquet

If none of the above options is what you’re looking for, you can design your own everlasting bouquet with our choice of fabulous faux stems including allergy-free sunflowers, roses, peonies and more. Keep it simple with one statement stem or bunch a few together for a beautiful faff-free arrangement. Find out more about arranging your own bouquet.

How to manage hay fever symptoms

Switching from fresh to faux flowers can make a big difference to reduce your hay fever symptoms from within your home but outdoors, you're unlikely to escape from grass and tree pollen. Try the following to help reduce your symptoms:

  • Monitor pollen forecasts daily

  • Wash your hair and clothes after spending time outside on high pollen count days

  • Avoid drying your clothes outside when pollen is high

  • Avoid cutting and walking on grass

  • Limit time spent outdoors where possible

Artificial lazy days bouquet in clear vase

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