How to clean artificial plants

Dust, dirt, and debris can take the edge off your gorgeous faux plants. Fortunately keeping them clean needn't be too much of a burden. This guide will walk you through the cleaning options we recommend and offer some tips along the way.

How to clean artificial plants - blog post by Blooming Artificial

Over time your artificial plants, flowers and trees are likely to get a little dusty when used indoors, which can quickly give the game away 🕵️. Luckily, cleaning artificial plants is really easy and once you’re finished your faux will look just as good as it did the day it arrived!

So how do you clean artificial plants? Along with a regular dust as part of your weekly routine, watch our video below where Sarah will walk you through four simple options.

How to clean artificial plants

Option 1: Paintbrush

It’s always best to start at the top of your plant and work your way down. That way, you won’t find any dirt on the leaves you’ve already cleaned.

Simply take a paint brush and brush each piece of foliage until it’s clean and dust-free. For a small houseplant, this should only take a minute or two but for larger trees and plants you might find it takes about 10-15 minutes. That said, this method will usually always produce the best result and is especially effective for getting into small nooks.

Option 2: Hairdryer / compressed air

Quick warning - this method is definitely the best if you’re short on time, but it’s also very messy so we suggest taking your plant outside first.

As the heading suggests, all you need to do is grab your hairdryer (on a cold setting) or a can of compressed air and spray each piece of foliage until all the dust is gone 💨.

Option 3: A damp cloth

This step is similar to option one, but we don’t recommend this for more delicate plants or flowers in order to avoid any chance of the colour running.

Simply wipe each leaf with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Once you’re finished, use some kitchen towel to dry the foliage and remove the shiny sheen that the water leaves behind. This method is great for removing stubborn marks and stuck-on dirt.

Option 4: Cleaning spray

There are a number of artificial plant cleaning sprays available online which work great on flowers and silk plants without causing any colours to run.

To use a silk plant cleaner, we suggest doing a patch test on a small hidden piece of foliage first to test the colour fastness. Once you’re happy, simply spray the leaves from top to bottom and leave to dry. There’s no need to rinse it off or wipe it away so it’s a super quick and easy method.

What to avoid

We hate to see any damaged artificial plants and there are a couple of methods we recommend avoiding to stop this from happening.

Firstly, although it might seem tempting for your smaller houseplants, please don’t put them in the dishwasher! Doing so could damage your faux or cause the colours to run.

We also don’t recommend running your artificial plants underwater or giving them a bath for the same reasons.

By using one of our favoured methods above, your plants will stay in tip-top condition and there’s no worry of harming your artificial plants. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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