The top 10 houseplants & flowers taking over this spring

Alick Burnett Managing director 🌻

The UK’s obsession with all things plants is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon with Google searches for ‘houseplants’ increasing 135% between January and March 2021 (see Exploding Topics). From colourful floral arrangements to peculiar plants such as the monstera, filling our homes with mood-boosting greenery is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of the 21st century so far.

Faux houseplants on rattan table

The top 10 plants & flowers you need for spring

Using global search figures and data from Exploding Topics, which looks at both Google searches and social mentions, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 trending plants and flowers that are perfect for the warmer months ahead.

Artificial cheese plant in living room

We’ve also explored how these plants can be used to revamp your home in line with some of the most talked about interior trends of the moment including ‘cottagecore’ and ‘Japandi’. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching floor plant, a small desk plant or a contemporary floral bouquet, read on to find out what plants you should be investing in right now.

  1. Monstera
    Google searches for the monstera have skyrocketed 422% since 2018 and 117% between January and March 2021 alone. On top of this, #monstera has generated over 2.1 million posts on Instagram as it continues to take the top spot as one of the most sought after houseplants.

Faux monstera houseplant on table
  1. Begonia maculata
    This Instagram-worthy plant is all the rage with over 565,000 social posts tagged #begonia. The begonia maculata has also seen a 306% increase in searches in 2020 compared to 2019. Its striking pattern and rich burgundy underleaf gives it a unique appearance, making it a great focal point for any room.

Faux begonia maculata houseplant by Blooming Artificial
  1. Alocasia
    One of the most photogenic plants sweeping Instagram, searches for the alocasia plant shot up 232% in 2020 and there are now over 500,000 posts under the plant’s hashtag on Instagram. Otherwise known as the African mask plant, the alocasia’s unique waxy leaves will be sure to add a touch of the tropical to your home.

Artificial alocasia plant on window sill
  1. ZZ plant
    The small waxy leaves of the exotic ZZ plant is a great way to add interest to bathrooms or dark corners of the home. Searches for this luscious piece of greenery increased 172% in 2020. Plant lovers on Instagram are also adoring this striking piece of greenery with #zzplant now home to over 122,000 posts.

Artificial ZZ plant in bathroom
  1. Chinese money plant (aka Pilea)
    Otherwise known as the pilea bush, searches for this plant shot up 172% in 2020 and a further 75% between January and March 2021. Its coin-shaped leaves are thought to bring good luck and wealth in Chinese culture, so it's no surprise that it made our top 10 list.

Faux pilea bush houseplants by Blooming Artificial
  1. Creeping fig
    Hanging plants are perfect for small spaces you’d like to brighten up with a splash of green. The creeping fig is one of the most popular plants for this purpose with searches up 88% between January and March 2021.

Artificial houseplants trailing down bookshelf
  1. Hydrangea
    Looking to add a floral arrangement to your space in time for Spring but want to avoid an outdated look? Hydrangeas offer a regal yet contemporary feel and are clearly well loved by many, with searches increasing by 83% in 2020. On Instagram, posts tagged #hydrangeas have now reached over 793,000 thanks to their timeless appeal.

Artificial blue hydrangea bouquet by Blooming Artificial
  1. Fiddle leaf fig
    A must-have for plant enthusiasts, #fiddleleaffig has racked up over 304,000 posts on Instagram while Google searches increased 82% in 2020. Its thin trunk and large glossy leaves gives the fiddle leaf fig a distinctive appearance that will add a touch of style to any modern home.

Faux fiddle leaf fig tree near woodburner
  1. Meadow wild flowers
    Searches for meadow flowers increased 50% in 2020 and a further 100% between January and March as Springtime draws nearer. Add a mix of dainty flowers to your home, such as cornflowers, daisies, poppies or bluebells, to get ahead of the trend in time for the warmer months.

Artificial meadow bouquet by kitchen sink
  1. Living walls
    While not exactly a houseplant or flower, searches for living walls are creeping up ahead of Spring, increasing 22% in February 2021 alone. As we look to revamp our gardens in the hope of hosting post-lockdown BBQs and gatherings with our loved ones, you can expect to see a continued interest in this trend.

artificial schefflera living wall in garden

How do these fit into trending interiors?

While plants and flowers will help refresh and liven up any style of decor, there are certain variations that can act as the perfect finishing touch to distinct interior styles. Below are five of the biggest home decor trends for 2021 and insight into which plants and flowers are best suited to each.


You’ve may have heard of cottagecore before, but interest in this trend has gone through the roof since the start of the pandemic, with global searches increasing by 4,443% in 2020. Over on Instagram, #cottagecore has racked up over 1.4 million posts, a figure that continues to grow rapidly everyday.

Cottagecore decor trend
Instagram (@bathtubsandbuttercups)

To embrace the cottagecore trend, introduce muted colour schemes, ditsy floral prints and gingham (a quickly growing trend with searches increasing 139% during February 2021). For accessories, look to cosy blankets, embroidered cushion covers and of course, the types of flowers you’d only find growing in a sunny meadow.


A fresh take on ‘granny chic’, the grandmillennial trend aims to create a comfortable and homely atmosphere by merging the old with the new. On Instagram, there are over 160,000 posts under hashtags relating to the grandmillennial trend, while searches for key pieces such as ‘rattan furniture’ and ‘velvet sofa’ grew 123% and 50% in 2020.

To incorporate this trend in your home, introduce bold floral or striped patterns, subtle pops of bright colours, personalised wall art, mix-matched cushions and wicker style accessories. Just about any variation of plants and flowers will look great in grandmillennial style interiors, especially roses and hydrangeas or even retro plants such as the monstera.

Grand millennial interior design style
Instagram (@amandareynalinteriors)


In our research revealing the world’s most Instagrammed interior trends, we found hygge to be the most popular style, ahead of both mid-century modern and Art Deco, with over 8.2 million posts.

A Scandinavian concept emphasising wellness and togetherness, hygge interiors are all about creating a cosy yet trendy atmosphere using neutral colours, natural materials, warm lighting and personal decorative items such as books and framed photographs.

Plants are also an important part of hygge interiors to help encourage wellness and positivity. Hanging plants on bookshelves, bold fiddle leaf figs and Instagrammable Begonia Maculatas are perfect for a hygge home.

Hygge interior decor trend
Instagram (


An interior design trend inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese elements, Japandi is one of the most popular styles of the moment with searches increasing 507% in February 2020. #Japandi is also gaining momentum on Instagram with over 43,00 posts and counting.

To get the Japandi look, opt for earthy tones, accessories made from natural materials such as linen cushion covers, wicker baskets and clay vases. Keeping clutter to a minimum is important while also maintaining a degree of cosiness with the use of faux fur rugs, candles and layered lighting. Plants that look great in Japandi interiors include bold, tall leafy greenery such as fiddle leaf figs and ZZ plants.

Japandi interior style
Instagram (@interiorbycho)

Mid-century modern

The timeless mid-century modern trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with searches up 50% in 2020. Our map showing the world’s most Instagrammed trends ranked mid-century modern as the second most popular trend with over seven million posts.

To get the mid-century modern look, opt for slimline furniture, statement seating and muted colour schemes mixed with the odd pop of bright colour. Ornamentation should be kept to a minimum to avoid a cluttered look, although trendy greenery such as the fiddle leaf fig tree and alocasia plant are a must-have for adding a subtle hint of colour.

Mid century modern interior design
Instagram (@daves_home)

While tending to the needs of live plants has become a popular wellness activity in recent years, artificial plants and flowers are a great alternative for those who prefer a fuss free option. If you’re looking to avoid the clean up after wilting flowers or forking out for new greenery every few months to replace dying ones, our luxury artificial plants, flowers and trees are the best solution and look so realistic, you won’t be able to tell the difference!