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Useful Information

UV Resistance

All of our living wall mats are UV protected. For more information on what this means check out our Ultimate Guide to UV resistance.

How to Join the Mats

Our living wall mats simply clip together using a/b connectors. Please note that the mats do not connect to the other products shown in the foliage mat range.

How to Fit

Once connected you can mount your matting to your chosen surface, sit back and enjoy the view of your new low maintenance green walls! We recommend using screws, cable ties, wire string or a staple gun to secure your living wall mats.

Using Green Living Wall

Our range of green living wall mats are the perfect solution for screening unsightly areas of your garden or covering dull walls and fences. Each mat is made from durable polyethylene plastic with a UV resistant coating which means that the colour will not fade when used outside.

Our range of faux green living wall mats are also ideal for creating your own botanical feature wall in your home or office space. They’re incredibly easy to mount to your surface, just join together the mats using the a/b connectors and staple to your surface.

Wide Range

We stock a vast range of artificial living wall mats. Our boxwood matting is our most affordable choice offering a trimmed hedge appearance. Our buxus foliage is an uncut, fluffy finish and is our most realistic hedging mat making it ideal for commercial premises. Our cedar foliage is modelled on conifer hedgerows and provides a more in depth appearance.

We also offer a lifelike ivy living wall, English garden living wall and fern living wall to name a few.

High Quality

One of the biggest concerns when buying artificial plants is whether or not they will look realistic. Over the past 10 years we have worked closely with our suppliers to source and refine quality, affordable living wall mats and we make sure to check the foliage of all our mats against their natural counterparts to ensure they are as natural looking as possible.

Why Choose Artificial Green Living Wall?

Not only do you have to grow real hedging, but you also have to maintain it. Artificial wall mats are a great alternative to natural hedging without the maintenance required to keep them in trim. They add privacy to your home without taking up all the room a real hedge would need. Whether you’re looking to hide the bins, screen an unsightly wall or create a stunning feature wall for your home or office, our living wall mats are a durable and very attractive solution. What’s more, our mats won’t be affected by blight or similar plant problems.

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