Stylish winter hanging basket ideas with artificial flowers

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Discover the best way to style hanging baskets this winter. In our latest blog post, we’ll discuss our top winter styling tips, winter flower colour palettes and the perfect outdoor plants to include, whether you choose to opt for real or faux.

Faux hanging basket hanging outside white door

With the days drawn in, it can be all too easy to neglect our winter gardens… But that’s not to say that you have to wait until spring to enjoy your outside space. There's a common misconception about outdoor hanging basket plants and bedding blooms being exclusively for summer displays. Numerous bedding plants and flowers pack impressive frost hardiness, and should you choose to opt for faux, then your options for incorporating some winter vibrancy into your garden are truly endless!  

Artificial winter hanging baskets are the ideal way to enhance your garden with mood boosting, vibrant hues. Unlike natural plants, which may have specific flowering seasons dictated by temperature and day length, artificial flowers offer the flexibility to create your desired look without being constrained by seasonal variations, allowing your horticultural display to take pride of place across the seasons.  

You might be surprised to discover that choosing a faux hanging basket over real might even be better for your pocket too. While many flowering plants showcase their beauty for only a brief period, artificial flowers overcome this limitation, meaning you can enjoy them for years to come.

Artificial pink wild berry & geranium hanging basket by Blooming Artificial

What to do with hanging baskets for winter?

Even during winter, if you choose to incorporate real flowers and plants into your scheme, they will require some maintenance. Watering a hanging basket may be necessary, something which can be especially tricky with the humble watering can. Additionally, you’ll have to be sure to remove dead flower heads to promote prolonged flowering.  

By going faux, there’s no need for watering and maintenance, something which can be particularly difficult if your basket is hung up high. Your display will also not outgrow the basket or need replanting. 

For more pros and cons between real vs fake, read our blog real vs artificial plants: why go faux? 

What colours should I use for winter hanging baskets? 

There are so many approaches to arranging winter hanging basket plants. We suggest starting by choosing a colour theme and then employing a range of plants to craft a visually stunning blend of delicate flowers, large blooms, and lush foliage. 

If you want your artificial winter hanging basket to appear even more realistic, then we suggest choosing a colour scheme which reflects plants and colours which naturally bloom throughout the winter. Red winter berries, vibrate pansies and conifers will appear more convincing than springtime florals or summertime pastels. 

How many plants and flowers should go in a hanging basket?  

The capacity of plants in a hanging basket is dependent on its size—the larger the basket, the greater the number of plants it can handle. Unlike real arrangements which run the risk of overcrowding, if you opt for an artificial arrangement then you can fill your basket however you see fit.

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Whether you wish to create your own outdoor foliage arrangement, or prefer something ready to use straight out of the box, we offer an exquisite range of faux hanging baskets, patio planters, outdoor stems and more!

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Best artificial plants & artificial flowers for winter hanging baskets

To create a diverse and visually appealing display, incorporate a combination of tall plants, trailing specimens, and filler plants. Explore options like stylish and timeless trailing evergreens, ornamental grasses and cedar pine. Vibrant heathers and artificial flowers add colour and interest.

Red artificial pansy DIY hanging basket

Winter pansies

A popular choice for winter hanging baskets, pansies and violas are sure to introduce vibrant bursts of colour to your display. While pansies are common for real winter hanging baskets and containers, the temporary nature of these cheerful annual flowers can be unsustainable as they need to be discarded after just one season.

For a more enduring option, why not consider going faux? These plants not only provide a realistic and natural look, but also demand less maintenance and lasting beauty for years to come.  

Offered in five natural shades, our artificial pansy bush is crafted not only to mimic the authentic appearance but also for effortless use. Simply insert the spike into your soil, and revel in a breath-taking burst of colour. The ideal remedy for the gloom of winter days.

Evergreen ferns

Ferns have gained popularity in recent times and are a timeless way of providing a touch of greenery and brightness during the colder season. 

Winter Irises  

Winter irises bring a flamboyant touch to your hanging baskets during the colder months. Displaying captivating shades of white, purple, and blue, these plants create the perfect winter palette for your garden.  

Trailing ivy 

Incorporating trailing foliage into your hanging basket enhances its overall appeal, and during winter, utilising ivy proves to be an especially excellent choice. The attractive form and evergreen structure of ivy make it a standout addition. 

Winter hanging basket styling ideas

The following winter hanging baskets are lovingly curated and ready to go! They also happen to be some of our bestsellers based on their timeless and enduring nature.  

Idea #1: Artificial foliage hanging basket 

A vibrant mix of green foliage with a variety of different textures, our foliage basket is filled to the brim and perfect for the cooler months! The ideal basket for showcasing enduring evergreen style.  

Idea #2: Artificial calla hanging basket

With trailing greenery and subtle calla lilies, this beautiful artificial calla basket is a great pick to brighten up your garden.

Idea #3: Artificial forest foliage hanging basket

Filled with greenery the artificial forest foliage hanging basket is perfect for all year round. Plus with this realistic faux, you can be sure your neighbours will never know the secret to your luscious, green garden. 

Want something more colourful? We have a range of amazing artificial hanging baskets!

Caring for a winter hanging basket with artificial flowers

Intense winds and substantial rainfall can also wreak havoc on traditional real hanging baskets. Choosing a hanging basket of the faux variety allows you to enjoy your arrangement without any of that worry and hassle. Blooming Artificial hanging baskets are designed to withstand most of the Great British weather, however for the most extreme of weather events you can read our blog on further protecting your outdoor fauxs.  

It’s perhaps the ‘zero maintenance required’ pro that is the standout advantage of artificial hanging baskets. No watering, feeding, or tidying up – simply purchase, hang and you're done! Enjoy instant, enduring beauty that won't be affected if you forget to water or feed it, whether you're at home or away. All our artificial plants ask is for a bit of gentle dusting and occasional clean as described in our guide.

Making an artificial hanging basket

How to create a stylish outdoor winter hanging basket 

Whilst we have many carefully curated winter themed baskets to choose from, should you desire to flex your creativity then we've pooled our expertise to compile all our top tips into one convenient video guide, making it a breeze for you to design and craft your own artificial hanging basket! 


And there we have it, our top tips for incorporating a winter themed artificial hanging basket into your garden aesthetic. For more inspiration on how to incorporate faux plants both inside and out, explore our inspiration gallery.