Artificial Pansy Bush Artificial Pansy Bush
Artificial Pansy BushArtificial Pansy Bush
Artificial Pansy BushArtificial Pansy Bush
Artificial Pansy BushArtificial Pansy Bush

Artificial Pansy Bush

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Vibrant colours and realistic silk petals allow our artificial pansy bush to add the splash of colour that your garden may need. We all know how hard it is to maintain a beautiful garden, but with our replica pansy bush this couldn’t be any easier!

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Using flowers outdoors

The flowers in this product are manufactured from silk and are therefore not UV resistant. In most cases they are suitable for outside use. For more information please click below.

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Perfect for planting

This product comes on a spike making it ideal for planting into your own hanging baskets, window boxes and planters.

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Available for immediate despatch

This product is available for immediate despatch and is eligible for our upgraded delivery options. Delivery costs from £7.19 inc VAT.

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A real pansy is known to thrive much better in colder climates, but will bloom in all seasons just like our artificial pansies. However, our artificial pansy bush is perfect for the busy ones among us who do not have time to water and maintain a lively garden. Each replica bush comes on a plastic spike that allows easy planting into your own potting medium.


  • Height: 24cm
  • Stem height: 8cm
  • Width: 17cm

Used in love potions in the 19th century, the pansy has been a well-known flower around us for a long time. The flower may be commonly known to all of us, but there are so much more about them than there beautifully coloured petals – which did you know, can be used as a natural dye! Botanically called Viola x Wittrockiana, the pansy has edible petals that can be added to salads and desserts to give a minty flavour – however, we don’t recommend eating ours! A member of the Viola family, due to their nice scent we often use them in potpourri.

Looking for something else? We offer a range of artificial pansies arrangements here. Alternatively you can view all our artificial flowers bushes here.

David Mitchell Apr 05 2017

Nice, colourful product. Looks quite convincing.

Colin Jones Apr 04 2017

All the plants look realistic and all came well packed. Will certainly buy some more.

Patricia, Glasgow. Apr 03 2017

Very realistic. Good quality, but I might need to order another as it looks a bit lost in the fairly small container.

Clare Apr 03 2017

Great product looks very realistic

Miranda Archer Kowalczyk Mar 15 2017

Pretty colours and very lifelike.

Vanessa Bergman Mar 06 2017

I'm so fed up with slugs munching away at all my plants so i thought I would cheat a bit and go artificial. I bought several of these in different colours and have put them in container pots on my patio. They look so realistic and so colourful, I keep going out there to look at them! Come on slugs, I dare you to munch away at these babies!

Madeline Fisher Feb 17 2017

Very pleased with these although they were 3 individual stems not a bush as described.

clare Dec 21 2016

Very nice once mixed with other plants. It doesn't stand well alone however adds a lovely touch to brighten uo other plants. I added it to an artificial hanging basket.

Natalie Oct 18 2016

Ordered in pink, purple and lilac. All very pretty and look lovely in my outdoor planters.

Lynda Pritchett Oct 06 2016

I have bought the deep mauve pansies & placed them in several different pots, they give just the right amount of colour at this time of year now winter is on the way.

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