The biggest interior design trends of 2023

Interior design

Out with the old and in with the new. With 2023 now officially here we’ve compiled all the top trends so you can bring in the new year in style!

Two artificial plants in the corner of a living room
A wooden shelf on a wooden floor

Sustainable materials

A continuing trend from 2022 with climate change ever-present in the news cycle, the importance of sustainability increases more with each passing day. There is however no reason why sustainability can’t be stylish as noted by the folks over at Lick.

In an era of mass consumption, and single-use items that are destined for the landfill many people are looking for a more ecologically sound way to dress up their homes.

Smart wood finishes are an eco-friendly favourite that never fails to provide a classy touch to any interior. Given that wood can be both sustainably sourced and recycled when you want to change things up again, expect to see wooden furniture dominate, not just in 2023, but in the coming half decade at least. 

Wood is far from the only material riding the sustainable wave right now. Keep an eye out for 70s-style cork flooring that not only looks great but provides a fantastic source of insulation, working as an all-natural version of underfloor heating.

Even items as simple as the humble plant pot look set to undertake a more eco-conscious philosophy with the recycled ocean waste pot leading the charge.

Bright borders and stencil art

Country Living notes that the perfect way to inject some quick colour into your hallway in a bold and quirky style, borders are ready to take 2023 by storm!

Harking back to the 1930s golden age of art deco hotels, border stenciling adds an extra coat of art nouveau sophistication to walls, cupboards, and everything in between.

The great thing about borders and stencils is that they can range from absolutely anything from simple bright lines to more highly intricate outlines of plants, animals, and anything else you can think of.

Wooden desk in front of light blue wallpaper

Ocean & sunset hues

Reminiscent of a picturesque Hawaiian beach, ocean, and sunset hues are poised to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home this coming year.

Retreat design has been clearly paying attention to the former, shades of Californian pacific blue look set to become particularly prevalent in 2023. It’s no surprise people are looking for calm surroundings with the manic news cycle offering little joy over the last year or so.

This same reasoning might also go a long way to explaining why the deeply sedative shades of a sunset are also set to rise in interior design status over the coming 12 months. The natural warmness that sunset colours carry with them also serves to cheer up homes and their inhabitants, particularly in the winter months. Discover more about how colours can impact your space.

Why not expand the tropical vibes of sunset-inspired décor with something from our exotic range?

large lampshade next to a wooden desk

Wall lights & big lampshades

Subtilty is sooooo 2022… at least according to Ideal Home!

It’s been a good few years but wall lights are finally having their a moment in the sun! For 2023 it appears the bigger the better as people aim to make an impression with the lampshades themselves being large bright and bold!

It’s no surprise that after a dour winter people want some interior elements that just pop with panache and what better way to do that the with the literal brightest part of the room!

Of course, if you're going to have a big lampshade we highly recommend pairing it up with one of our larger offerings such as our artificial rubber tree.

Dark academia

Sofa and a lampshade on a wooden floor with a bookcase behind it

2022’s aesthetic of choice was cottage core but this year the script is getting flipped and we’re entering the realm of dark academia. At least if the Forbes crystal ball is in working order.  

Dark academia is an aesthetic characterised by shadowy and gothic tones. The aim is essentially to have an interior that wouldn’t look out of place among the halls of an Oxbridge college. Books and black furnishings are a must if you want to truly evoke dark academia. Throw in a leather armchair beside a Victorian-style fireplace and a coffee table with our desktop plants on top of it and your knowledge hideaway will be complete.

Wild Wonder

A good barometer for upcoming trends is the various colours of the year chosen by a wide array of paint companies. King of the nicely painted castle sits Dulux and the shade of golden-yellow they term as ‘Wild Wonder.’

Wild Wonder proves you don’t always have to be loud to promote positivity. Sometimes a touch of subtlety is all that’s needed to engross yourself in an atmosphere of pure zen.

Wild Wonder is also highly versatile in that it would be just as calming in a bedroom as it would in a living room.

As a bonus try combining Wild Wonder walls with moss-green furniture and a saguaro cactus and thank me later. 😉       

Conversational seating

two chairs facing each other with a table in the middle

After spending over a year apart in pandemic engulfed isolation it's little wonder why interior trends that focus on bringing people together will be going strong right through 2023.

Enter conversation seating!

Designed to encourage you to switch off the TV and switch on your mind, conversational seating, as the name suggests, restores the lost art of in-person conversation.

It's even better in the shadow of an areca palm, or even consider an artificial succulent! These can be great conversation starters, even if they're faux.

How does humble furniture unleash your inner extrovert you may ask? Well, Livingetc highlights this sofa-armchair hybrid creation of Philippe Nigro as a prime example of what this looks like.

Round up

Overall the trends of the coming year can be summed up in two words:

Stay positive!

Whether it’s the calming ocean, sunset, and Wild Wonder hues, or the bright joys of a big old wall light, it's clear that we all collectively just want a little bit more happiness in our lives.

Environmentalism too, whether it be invoked through colours or the materials themselves is another trend that more likely than not will only increase in popularity as the idea of being environmentally conscious continues to spread among the masses.